10 Summer Lawn Care Tips

It's getting hot, hot, hot here in Burlington! And while you might be able to cool off by slipping into your air conditioned home, or by jumping into the local pool, your lawn doesn't have such luxuries. Instead, it's forced to wilt and wither as the barometer continues to climb.

Talk about cruel punishment!

It's no secret that extreme summer heat can take its toll on your Burlington lawn. From poor mowing practices to worrisome weeds, your lawn has the odds stacked against it this summer. Luckily, the Burlington lawn sprinkler experts at Nutri-Lawn are here to help you out. Here are a handful of useful summer lawn care tips to keep in mind when tending your turf this summer.

1. Go Away Grubs!

Summer is the season for lawn grubs. Japanese beetles, June bugs, and European chafer beetles lay their eggs right about now; this means that, in about a month's time, your lawn will be overflowing with hungry grubs. The best way to fight these pesky nuisances is with a strong defence. Book a beneficial nematode treatment from out Burlington lawn care office today to ensure your turf is prepared for these uninvited visitor.

2. Soar to New Heights

In the hot summer months, it's important that you adjust your mower height so as not to cut your grass too short. Short grass has a tendency to burn; what's more, lawns that are cut too short have a tough time absorbing water from Burlington lawn sprinklers. Ensure that you're cutting at the right height by making sure that the mower blade only takes off the top third of the grass blade.

3. Water Smart

Healthy lawns need to be watered deeply and regularly by Burlington lawn sprinklers. When it comes to deciding how much water your lawn needs, it's important that you pay attention to your soil. Loamy soils absorb water evenly, without runoff, whereas sandy soils absorb water quickly and need less frequent applications. For more information on proper watering techniques, check out our Burlington lawn sprinkler resources section.

4. Stay Sharp

Avoid damaging your lawn by sharpening your mower blade after every tenth mowing. This will ensure that the blade cleanly slices the grass blades, making it easier for it to grow back. When your blade is dull, it simply rips through the grass, leaving it ragged and susceptible to disease.

5. Keep a Close Eye on Your Pets

Sparky could be the culprit behind yellowing patches on your property. Avoid unsightly urine stains on your yard by rinsing it thoroughly with your Burlington lawn sprinkler system. You may also want to try and train your pooch to make use of a designated area, preferably one that is mulched or covered in pebbles.

6. No Parking

Parking or driving on your property is one of the quickest ways to compact your soil. This detrimental condition makes it difficult for your lawn to absorb nutrients and moisture from your Burlington lawn sprinklers.

7. Get Rid of Weeds

Keep weeds at bay by applying natural weed killers in late summer and early fall.

8. Let the Clippings Fall Where They May

Feed your lawn regularly with grass clippings. The act of “grasscycling” is a quick, easy, and affordable way to fertilize your lawn every week. Simply leave the clippings on your lawn after you mow and follow it up with a healthy watering from your Burlington lawn sprinklers a day or so later.

9. Pick Up After Yourself

Keep your lawn free of debris in order to avoid unsightly patches of dead grass. Leaving things like toys, garbage and lawn furniture out on your grass for prolonged periods of time can result in irreparable damage.

10. Keep Things Fresh with Fertilizers

When fertilizing your turf during the summer months, make sure you select a treatment that's geared towards warm-season grasses. These grasses need specific nutrients in order to survive hot, dry temperatures.

Show your lawn some love this summer with proper lawn care and Burlington lawn sprinkler treatments. Contact the experts at our Nutri-Lawn Burlington Inground Irrigation centre for more details.