10 Ways to Go Organic With Your Lawn Care

How “green” is your lawn care regiment? It’s a question that more and more Burlington homeowners are asking themselves these days. The push to be more environmentally friendly and efficient is on in the lawn care industry, and we’re all for it here at Nutri-Lawn! In fact, many of our Burlington inground sprinkler system clients are already living the organic lawn care lifestyle – whether they’re doing it on purpose or not!

If you’ve done one or more of the following things as part of your lawn care program this year, you too could be abiding by a green lawn care approach. Keep up the good work next year by installing a Burlington inground sprinkler system and continuing with these organic lawn care approaches:

  1. Rethink Weeds
    Organic lawns don’t discriminate against weeds. In fact, organic lawns embrace a number of these shady characters, especially lawn clover. Known for its ability to introduce nitrogen back into the soil, clover is commonly introduced into organic lawns in order to help balance soil nutrients.

  2. Irrigate to Keep Things Looking Great
    Organic lawns are always looking for a little extra moisture. As such, you’ll want to program your Burlington sprinkler system to turn on at least one morning a week. Leave it on for as long as it takes to saturate the soil to a depth of 7 centimetres. This will help promote strong root growth all year long.

  3. The More Your Know About the Mow
    When mowing, Burlington homeowners should never cut more than one third of the grass blade at once. According to the University of Guelph, this means you should never cut your lawn to a length that’s shorter than 7.5 centimetres.

  4. Make Friends With Mulch
    Organic lawn care is all about closed systems – i.e. finding more self-sustainable approaches to everyday lawn maintenance practices. This is why our Burlington sprinkler system installers always recommend grass-cycling clippings from your mower. By leaving clipping on the lawn, you won’t just introduce important organic elements into your lawn, but you’ll also ship out less waste – an important part of any organic lawn care commitment.

  5. Remember to Rake
    Organic lawns require year round raking. This is because they tend to collect thatch at a much faster rate than traditional lawns. Raking regularly will help ensure that moisture from your Burlington sprinkler system is able to penetrate the soil properly.

  6. Go Natural With Your Fertilizer Treatments
    Introduce important nutrients into your lawn’s soil with regular organic top dressing treatments. Apply one in the late fall to help ensure that your lawn is ready for the rigours of winter.

  7. Kick Compaction to the Curb With Core Aeration
    A compacted lawn can really hinder the efficiency and effectiveness of your Burlington sprinkler system. Ensure your turf is getting the moisture it needs by scheduling core aeration treatments every spring and autumn.

  8. Get Rid of Grubs the Natural Way
    Keep grubs out of your lawn with an organic pest control alternative: beneficial nematodes. When applied to your lawn, these bugs will seek and destroy grubs without causing your lawn further harm.

  9. Overseed to Encourage Regrowth
    Overseeding in late summer is the best way to help your turf recover from a stressful summer of heat and drought. Keep seeded areas moist with your Burlington sprinkler system to ensure the roots are properly established.

  10. Be Proud of Your Commitment
    Be proud of your decision to live a greener lawn care lifestyle. Continue to implement green lawn care choices with help from the organic lawn care experts at Nutri-Lawn.