3 Reasons An Inground Sprinkler System Beats A Garden Hose

You want green lawns and vibrant gardens but hate the way portable sprinklers seem to waste water and time. An inground sprinkler system is an investment in the overall appeal and look of your home and gardens. It lets you water your lawn and gardens without hauling hoses around or having to worry about all your gardening work shrivelling in the heat of summer!

Here are 3 reasons why an inground sprinkler system beats out a garden hose and a portable sprinkler.

A properly planned inground sprinkler system delivers different amounts of water to different areas of your yard based on a variety of factors including soil type (sandy or clay), vegetation needs, recent rainfall levels, and how much sun or shade is available.

Grass won’t grow around the base of large trees or shrubs? Trees and large shrubs can absorb so much soil moisture that lawns starve, whereas some vegetation is drought-resistant and only requires infrequent watering. What might drown one type of vegetation allows another to thrive. Zones can accommodate this.

Does your yard have wet spots or lower areas where water sits after a rain? Whether you’re home or on vacation, an inground sprinkler system will keep your yard, vegetable or flower garden green and fresh.

Water Efficiency
Let the kids go to the splash pad and stop wasting water with portable sprinklers. Gone will be the days of watering a sidewalk or passersby. Portable sprinkler systems lose moisture to the air and require homeowners to guess how moist the soil is. Inground sprinkler systems are the answer.

With an inground sprinkler system, much of the guess work is removed with professional installation. Inground sprinkler systems come with a rain sensor that will only deliver the required amount of water when your property needs it.

Gone are the puddles and wet holes from over-watered sections of lawn and garden. Inground sprinkler systems deliver the appropriate amount of water to penetrate to root level allowing vegetation to absorb the water more efficiently.

Saves Time
Inground sprinkler systems are best installed in the spring or fall to minimize impact on vegetation and soil. With the turn of a dial you can deliver water to any part of your yard and take into account the growing season. Only want your vegetable seedlings to have extra water for a couple of weeks? Your sprinkler system can take care of that.

Instead of hauling a garden hose around, working out kinks, and fixing leaks, you could be on your patio enjoying the summer. Instead of setting a timer to remind yourself to turn off or move the portable sprinkler, your inground sprinkler system could do all the work for you.

For a fantastic lawn this summer, contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation Inground Sprinklers.  We can help you every step of the way.