3 Reasons to Install a Sprinkler System this Spring

Spring is in the air and the warm weather won't be far behind. With the long sunny days and warm temperatures approaching, spending time outdoors will certainly become a priority. But there's one outdoor activity you won't want to spend hours doing - watering your lawn.

Let's face it, watering your lawn is a chore, not a fun past-time. But it needs to be done if you want to keep your lawn looking healthy and lush. Fortunately, installing an in ground sprinkler system can help with this dilemma!

Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation's in ground sprinkler systems are designed and customized to meet each homeowner's unique landscaping needs. Whether you're too busy to water your lawn on a regular basis or you're looking to manage your water consumption, an in ground sprinkler system is an excellent solution for you.

Save Time

Any homeowner or gardening enthusiast knows that different plants require unique and specific attention. This is particularly true when it comes to watering. Your lawn and type of grass has different watering needs than your flowerbeds, and your flowerbeds have different needs than your shrubs. Instead of spending time catering to all the different needs of your lawn and garden, let your customizable and programmable in ground sprinkler system delegate the work.

Save Water

If you have a large landscape, watering your lawn and garden not only takes more time, but it also uses a lot more water. With an in ground sprinkler system, you can use weather sensors to determine how much precipitation your lawn has received and adjust the systems watering schedule accordingly. This allows you to take advantage of Mother Nature's natural weather cycles to manage your water usage.

Save Money

Water is an expensive commodity these days, and when you can manage your water consumption effectively with an in ground sprinkler system, the savings will show on your hydro bills. Think of all the outdoor activities you could spend time doing this summer with a little extra cash in your pocket!

Save time, water and money this spring and summer season by installing your customizable in ground sprinkler system today. To schedule your free consultation, contact the Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation team.