A Beautiful Yard – Having Envious Neighbours Isn’t the Only Benefit

During the hot summer months, our lawn may be the only green in a sea of brown, leading to envious looks from our neighbours. However, did you know that there are health and money-saving benefits to having a healthy lawn? Yes, you read that correctly. Through proper irrigation and fertilization, a lush, green lawn and beautiful gardens, has more far-reaching value than you may imagine.

Getting There
Before you reap the benefits of having a gorgeous property, you need to have a gorgeous property. This can be achieved through proper lawn care including fertilization and irrigation. Having a professional assess and provide service to your yard can be the quickest and least arduous way to getting your lawn and gardens in tip top shape. A landscape company knows the best fertilizer for your soil type along with the proper method of distribution. An irrigation company can install an in-ground sprinkler system which provides all areas of your yard the proper amount of water at the best time of day, without you having to lift a finger.

Benefit #1 – Cleaner Air
One of the reasons that large cities have a layer of haze and smog that hang low in the sky is because there is so much concrete and other hard surfaces. Green spaces, including a healthy lawn produces oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Plants and grass remove pollution such as car emissions and carbon dioxide and then naturally convert it to much needed oxygen. If you notice that when you go out into the country the air feels cleaner and clearer, it is. Studies have shown that just a 50 x 50 foot plot of lawn and gardens produces enough oxygen for a family of 4.

Benefit #2 – Cleaner Water
Chemicals and toxins can easily seep into our water systems through run-off, but this run-off can be minimalized with a healthy yard. When your lawn is lush and green, the soil is healthy and the plants have a solid root system. Healthy soil can absorb thousands of litres of water instead of it running off into the sewers, while the roots act as a natural filter absorbing toxins before they go into our ground water.

Benefit #3 – Save You Money
In the hot summer months, most of us end up running our air conditioners more often than we’d like, leading to ever increasing hydro bills. Did you know, however, that a healthy, green yard acts like a natural air conditioner? In the dead of summer, if your home is surrounded by concrete, stone or even plain soil, the surface temperature can be as much as 70 degrees hotter than if your home were surrounded by greenery. It’s estimated the cooling effect can be as much as a 10-ton air conditioner.