Conserve Water with Nutri-Lawn Inground Sprinkler Systems

Water conservation seems to be an ironic topic of conversation when talking about sprinkler systems, but you can have a beautiful, green lawn and still conserve water when you use Nutri-Lawn Inground Sprinkler Systems.

Watering The Sidewalk
The most water usage in your home is outdoors – when you wash your car, water your flowerbeds, and lawn, etc. – but using a standard hose and manual sprinkler is the biggest culprit when it comes to water wastage. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’ve put the sprinkler on – did you water your lawn for 2 hours or 4? How much of your lawn have you watered more than once in order to make sure every corner of your yard has gotten enough? In the same token, how much water have you given to your fence or sidewalk because your sprinkler isn’t able to be focused on one small area?

When Nutri-Lawn Inground Sprinkler Systems come to your home, they are able to solve that problem by designing a system to match the size and shape of your lawn and gardens, ensuring you’re only watering what needs to be watered.

Conservation Products
Beyond designing the optimal system, Nutri-Lawn Inground Sprinkler Systems also has access to some of the best in water conservation technology, provided by some of the biggest names in Irrigation such as Hunter, Toro and Rain Bird.

Hunter Rain-Click
This quick-response system allows for instant sprinkler shut-off when it starts to rain. Many rain-sensing systems require a pre-set amount of rain to fall before the sprinkler shuts off, but this still allows for rain/sprinkler overlap and therefore water wastage. You can also adjust the sprinkler’s re-start to take into consideration differing amounts of precipitation.

Rain Bird ET Manager
This unique controller automatically adjusts your system’s watering schedule by receiving daily weather data by satellite. It takes all of the guesswork out of manually programming your system and does it for you! This controller takes into consideration different variables such as soil and sprinkler types, sun exposure, degrees of hills in your yard and even grass type. Weather data is then gathered from approximately 8000 different weather stations and calculated down so it accurately predicts your daily weather patterns within a six block radius of your home.

Toro’s WaterSmart Solution
Water conservation has never been so easy with Toro’s WaterSmart sprinkler system components, which enhance a properly designed system. Their smart controllers are able to calculate EvapoTransporation which is the combination of water that evaporates from the soil plus how much transpires from the grass leaves, either from satellite weather stations (like the Rain Bird) or from “weather stations” installed in your landscaping. Their sprinkler valves also have a patented flow-sensor which automatically closes if they sense a higher than normal flow. This prevents water wastage in the event of a broken sprinkler head or pipe.

With Nutri-Lawn Inground Sprinkler Systems, not only will you save on your water bill, but with all of the technological features Nutri-Lawn offers, it will save you time as well.