Controlling Grubs with Burlington Inground Sprinklers

Every year the grumbles of homeowners all across Burlington can be heard when they step out onto a European chafer grub-destroyed yard. If you're one of these homeowners upset about white grubs, it's time to solve the problem with beneficial nematodes from Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation. A mixture of nematodes and proper inground irrigation will bring peace to your yard. Read on to find out how you can use your Burlington inground sprinkler system and nematodes to fix your white worm dilemma.  

How do nematodes eliminate white grubs?
Nematodes are microscopic parasitic creatures. The nematodes used in your lawn care specifically prey on European chafer grubs. When applied to your grass, they burrow through the soil to find white grubs and enter the white worm body through any opening available. Once they've entered the host grub, they release bacteria to infect and kill the European chafer grub.

The dead white worm is used as food for new nematodes to multiply in the original host. After feeding on the corpse, this new supply of nematodes tunnels through the soil to go after more white grubs to feast on.

What do nematodes eat?
Nematodes can get rid of most of your white grub problems fairly effectively. Nematodes attack the following beetle larva:

  • European chafers
  • May beetles
  • June beetles
  • Japanese beetles
  • Common chafers

The major issue to worry about is the European chafer. These cause the most damage, and your Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation lawn care will focus on European chafers specifically. Nematodes are totally safe for animals and humans. They are very effective and will allow you to reduce the amount of chemicals used on your lawn.

How are nematodes applied?
Nematodes require adequate irrigation from your Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground irrigation system. The right environment for a nematode is a moist environment, so make sure you run your inground sprinklers just before application, as well as after.

When it comes time to apply, have a sprayer ready. Combine your nematode package with the amount of water prescribed by the manufacturer. Then, add this to the sprayer and begin to apply a steady, even, layer over your entire lawn. You may need to give your sprayer a little shake from time to time, or walk around your lawn to make sure every corner is covered.

You'll need to run your inground irrigation systems for about 7-10 days following application to maintain the water levels in the soil.

Nervous about applying nematodes properly? Let Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation take the hassle out of white grub control for you.

Extra tips for application
When you're applying nematodes, try to pick a day that is in the temperature range of 14 to 30 degrees Celsius. Also avoid windy days. Nematodes are microscopic creatures, and are easily swept away in the wind. The last thing you want is to apply your nematodes to your neighbour's lawn, or to have them clump in one area of your property.

Ready to have a white worm free yard and beautiful grass? Receive your complimentary quote on a Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground irrigation system and nematode application today!