How In-Ground Sprinkler Systems Save You Money

Custom In-Ground Irrigation systems make it possible for you to enjoy your lawn instead of watering it. At Nutri-Lawn, we have the experience and the expertise to make design and install custom in-ground sprinkler systems that work to conserve water that save you money, while reducing your environmental impact!

In-Ground Sprinkler Systems Conserve Water
There are a number of ways that custom in-ground irrigation systems work to save water every time they are turned on. For starters, each sprinkler is set to be on for a very specific amount of time. This amount of time is determined by the area it’s watering. Not every part of your landscaping needs the same amount of water. This is where most irrigation systems fall short. Instead of customizing each sprinkler, some irrigation systems will simply broadcast the same amount of water everywhere, resulting in a drain on our water resources and your wallet. At Nutri-Lawn, we customize every irrigation system to be as efficient as possible.

In-Ground Irrigation Systems Save You Time!
You’re a busy individual. Chances are you know just how time consuming lawn care can be. Especially, when it comes to making sure everything is adequately watered! Instead of spending an hour a day traipsing across your property with a garden hose leaking all over your new running shoes, sit back and enjoy your new found time for relaxation while an in-ground irrigation system gets the job done, efficiently and thoroughly.

How an In-Ground Irrigation System Saves You Money
Have you ever experienced a lawn care project that fell short because it wasn’t properly cared for? Perhaps you spent hundreds of dollars putting in a beautiful new garden, only to find that an Ontario heat wave left your flowers wilting. Custom In-ground irrigation systems do an efficient and incredibly thorough job of watering both lawns and flower beds. While the best time to install an irrigation system is when you’re doing landscaping work, it can also be incorporated at any point.

When it comes to flower beds, custom irrigation systems can achieve results that a watering can would never dream of. Your flower beds will receive a consistent amount of water, which facilitates steady growth under the best conditions. Throughout the year, we adjust the time that the irrigation occurs so that you take advantage of the best water rates, as well as environmental conditions. For example, watering first thing in the morning during the summer allows your lawn and flowerbeds to actually make use of the water, as opposed to watering at noon when it is instantly evaporated!

In-Ground Irrigation for Residential Vegetable Gardens
Nutri-Lawn Burlington also builds in-ground irrigation systems for residential vegetable gardens. If you love fresh vegetables, there’s nothing quite like walking to your backyard and picking cherry tomatoes direct from the vine. Vegetable gardens need a lot of water, and the most efficient way to make sure they get enough is in-ground irrigation. Start saving time and money all year round with a custom in-ground irrigation system!