Invest in Disease Prevention with Nutri-Lawn Burlington

Spring brings in plenty of positive changes, but with the good always comes some bad. Lawn diseases are obstacles that you’ll need to tackle with your Burlington irrigation system as spring weather comes ever closer. Fortunately, with the right inground sprinkler system and lawn care, diseases won’t take hold and destroy your grass.

Adjust your Nutri-Lawn inground sprinkler system and lawn maintenance practices to protect against diseases. In order to do so, however, you’ll need to know where to begin. Here are some Nutri-Lawn Burlington techniques that you can apply to your lawn care program to ward off destructive disease.

Common Burlington lawn diseases
There are several lawn diseases that you’ll want to watch out for. Many of these will kill patches of your grass, if not the entire lawn. Often, they include mold or fungi that feast on your grass blades and roots to steal its nutrients.

Common Burlington lawn disease are:

  • Fusarium patch
    • Reddish brown patches across your lawn
  • Pink snow mold
    • Fluffy mold that can be pink, grey, or white in colour
  • Dollar spot
    • Tan spots across your grass
  • Necrotic ring spot
    • Dead yellow rings surrounding green circles of grass
  • Pythium
    • Fluffy fungal parasite that is white in colour
  • Powdery mildew
    • A greyish-white powder that will turn your grass yellow

Most of these diseases thrive in heat and moisture. You may not be able to control the temperature, but you can certainly do plenty to protect your lawn from overwatering with your Burlington irrigation system.

Always use proper drainage
The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re trying to prevent disease is that lawn diseases, fungi, and mold like moisture. This means that you need to slightly adjust your irrigation schedule and routines to reduce excess watering.

The first thing to do is start with proper drainage. In the spring, shift snow away from your lawn towards street gutters. Once melting begins, mounds of snow will produce more water than your lawn can absorb. Next, include drainage trenches on your property to aid drainage.

Talk to a Nutri-Lawn Burlington expert to find out how you can continue adapting your inground sprinkler system for proper drainage. Every lawn will require unique solutions.

Balanced fertilizers are key
Reducing and preventing diseases requires a strong, healthy lawn. In order to do so, you need a good fertilizer regime to accompany your Nutri-Lawn inground sprinkler system. Improper fertilization can cause more harm than good. You need a balanced fertilizer that will work with your grass, rather than poison it.

A Nutri-Lawn Burlington specialist can help you find a fertilizer that is correctly balanced for your soil and grass types. This specialist will also advise you about the best schedule for your irrigation systems once your lawn has been fertilized. Balance is always key so you don’t want to over or under water with your inground sprinkler system during this delicate time.

Nutri-Lawn Burlington wants all of our client’s to have a healthy, disease-free lawn. To begin prevention, receive your complimentary consultationon Nutri-Lawn inground sprinkler system design and installation today!