Late Summer Lawn Care and Irrigation

With the end of summer in sight, you can start looking forward to a little more rain! Your lawn loves rain. All summer, it has done its best to adapt to the heat, the unpredictable rainfall, and the lawn care pests determined to call your front lawn their home. With fall just around the corner, a little more rainfall is the reward your lawn deserves. Every season requires slightly different lawn care and irrigation techniques, and late summer is no different.

Late Summer In-Ground Irrigation
Knowing exactly how much water your lawn needs can be difficult. Luckily this is where a custom inground sprinkler system comes in. A customized irrigation system has been designed with your lawn in mind. Installed exactly where you need it throughout your property, in ground irrigation responds to the needs of your lawn. Taking the guess work out of watering your lawn has never been so simple.

Weather Sensing Sprinkler Systems
With a little more rain in the forecast, ensuring your lawn is not over watered or under watered is important for its health. Nutri-Lawn Burlington offers in-ground irrigation systems that employ weather sensing sprinkler heads to monitor natural precipitation. Each sprinkler head is equipped with weather sensing technology that analyzes the amount of natural precipitation your lawn receives and recalculates the amount of water to be administered by the irrigation system. This intelligent design not only saves you money by using less water, but it is also better for the environment and your lawn! Over watering is just as harmful as under watering. Luckily, an in-ground sprinkler system has you and your lawn covered!

Late Summer Overseeding and Aeration
The end of the summer is great time to consider overseeding your lawn. With the heat of the summer behind you and all of the pests and weeds as well, your lawn can just focus on growing during the fall. Aeration is a process where you, or your lawn care team, remove small half inch by three inch plugs of soil and grass from your entire lawn. This relieves soil compaction while also allowing air and water to reach roots more easily.

If your lawn has been damaged by extreme heat, drought, pests, or weeds over the summer, overseeding might be a good idea. Aerating your lawn prior to overseeding will lead to the best results. Make sure to select the right variety of grass seed and to follow the instruction carefully! The late summer and early fall is a great time to overseed your lawn, as lower temperatures and increased rainfall provides a hospitable climate for grass seed germination. Your freshly aerated soil will also increase the likelihood that your overseeding is successful. After you have overseeded your lawn, make sure to program your in-ground irrigation system to account for the increase in water your lawn will need for the next week.

If you would like to learn more about how irrigation can help improve the health of your lawn, contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation!