Mulch: An Organic Water Saver

A sprinkler system and inground irrigation save water and time, and that’s important. Why stop there? Mulch is a great way to allow you to further save water and time. Great bang for your buck, there are 5 main benefits to applying mulch and offer a wide variety of materials to fit your budget, desired esthetics, and create strong plants.

Before applying mulch, remove any weeds and take care not to create a layer that suffocates instead of insulates.

Benefits of Mulch
Conserves Water
Along with a sprinkler system, mulch maintains greater soil moisture because it creates a barrier between the soil and the elements. The wind, sun, and temperature will all wick moisture from exposed soil causing stress to a plant. Mulch will further reduce the amount of additional water the soil requires and will help the soil efficiently use the water.

Weed Control
How many hours are wasted pulling weeds during a growing season? Mulch will significantly reduce that effort by preventing seeds from germinating in undesirable locations, preventing new weeds from taking root, or invasive species like dandelions from spreading rapidly.
Manage Soil Temperatures
Soil temperatures that stay consistent and avoid radical fluctuations allow for an extended growing season, better root growth, and allowing new plants to get a better start. Consistent soil temperatures also saves water because plants are more efficient and can fend off disease and rot.   

Organically Add Nutrients
For those who want to add nutrients back into the soil, choosing an organic mulch such as bark, leaves, or crushed shells is a great idea. Mulch is available in a variety of sizes, and generally speaking the smaller the pieces the faster it will break down so you can decide how often you want to freshen it up. Many experts recommend adding fresh mulch every spring or fall.

Curb Appeal
If you have a sprinkler system, you’re invested in having the best yard on the street. Nothing makes your landscape pop like a contrasting mulch – whether the contrast is in texture or colour, it’s a simple way to get noticed without detracting from the main attractions of a healthy lawn and stunning landscape plants. Smaller plants might be lost with a larger-sized mulch, where a large tree or bush would balance that out nicely. Don’t be afraid to mix sizes, or materials, to create a unique look.
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