Prepare Your Burlington Inground Irrigation for Winter

If you're a homeowner with a Burlington inground irrigation system then you've probably heard the term winterization. Each year, Burlington inground irrigation companies talk about the importance of irrigation systems winterization, but do you know why it's so critical? If you have Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler systems, we want to make sure your pipes are in perfect working order next spring despite the heavy winter to come. To do this, you need to winterize, and it's essential that you understand why winterization matters. Read on to find out the facts about irrigation systems winterization.

What is irrigation systems winterization?
Irrigation systems winterization is the process of draining every drop of water from your Burlington inground irrigation pipes. Every ounce of water is removed before the first freeze of the year. This is often called "blowing out" your Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler system.

What is the process?
There are a couple of ways irrigation systems winterization can be performed. The first way, the "blow out" method involves uses a high power air compressor. An irrigation specialist releases the compressed air through the pipes, which then blows out the systems until they're dry. It must not be continued once the pipes have become dry, as this can cause cracking or other damage.

The automatic drain method is also available. This involves installing an automatic drain valve on each of the lower nozzles. When the pipe pressure drops below 10 PSI, you'll need to turn off the water supply of your irrigation, and switch on one of your draining stations. Following this, you'll need to personally drain the rest of the water by opening the boiler valve and using the manual draining method.

Manual draining is exactly as it sounds – a hands-on method where you go to each valve and open it to drain.

The most efficient and hassle-free draining method is the blow out. This one is the least likely to leave water behind in the pipes. Because manual and automatic are not relying on any force to directly force the water out, but rather maintain a drip method, you'll notice that it is not always the most effective. When in doubt, bring in the pros at Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground irrigation systems to get the job done properly.

Why is irrigation systems winterization important?
If your Burlington inground irrigation system is left with water in the pipes throughout the winter – or even just during the first freeze of the year – you will quickly find how easy it is for ice to severely damage your systems. Water contracts and expands when frozen. This contraction will cause cracks in your pipes, and could cause the pipes to burst, particularly after the ice is allowed to melt in the spring. Repairing cracked and burst pipes is not an expense you want to incur.

Proper winterization is the only way to prevent damage to your Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground irrigation system. Don't let your systems succumb to winter trauma this year. Receive your complimentary quote for services on your Burlington inground irrigation from Nutri-Lawn today!