The Importance of In-Ground Sprinklers and Summer Lawn Care

When it comes to summer lawn care, making sure your lawn receives the right amount of water is vital to keeping it looking healthy and green. In-ground sprinkler systems installed by the experienced team at Nutri-Lawn Burlington make it possible to spend less time, and less money keeping your lawn looking green this summer. In addition to proper mowing, fertilizing, and weed prevention, watering is one of the most important elements in the vitality of your lawn during Burlington’s hot, hot, hot summer days.

Watering The Green Way
“Watering the green way” can mean two different things: firstly, watering in an environmentally conscious way, and a secondly, in cost effective way - in-ground irrigation systems do both. Are you getting a shock every time you look at your water bills? Are you spending too much time standing in your lawn hoping you’re doing it right? In-ground irrigation systems will not only save you money, they will also save you a huge amount of time.

The Environmental Benefits of In-Ground Irrigation
A custom Irrigation system won’t just benefit your bank account, it will also benefit the Earth - talk about a win-win situation! When compared to manual watering, inground sprinkler systems use less water and fewer resources. By watering smarter instead of watering more, irrigation systems make better use of your valuable resources. We use the most advanced technology to maximize the efficiency of every sprinkler system.

Watering At The Right Time
The best time to water your lawn during the height of the summer is when you’re likely still asleep! For best results during the summer, you will want to water your lawn early in the morning when there is no wind. This will diminish the chance of evaporation. While watering at night is another viable option, it can encourage disease and weed development. Using an in-ground sprinkler system, we can customize the watering time to suit the climate and the season, so that you can spend your mornings sleeping in, sipping coffee, AND getting to work on time!

Weather Sensing Irrigation Systems
At Nutri-Lawn, we use several brands of weather sensing irrigation systems that take into account the weather your lawn is experiencing. For example, Hunger, Toro, and Rain Bird. Each of these brands are respected for their quality craftsmanship, and superior product value in the irrigation field. Using precipitation sensors built into each element of the irrigation system, your lawn will only receive as much additional water as absolutely necessary. This benefits your lawn because it doesn’t receive too much water, and saves on your water bill! Nutri-Lawn’s in-ground sprinkler systems use a sophisticated design that allows each individual sprinkler to do a different job. Not all areas of your lawn will require the same amount of water - especially if some of your irrigation is directed at flowers, and vegetables.

We work with you to design an irrigation system that responds to your properties needs while keeping in mind its impact on the environment. To request your free quote, get in touch with us here!