Beat the Heat: How to Handle Heat Stress in Your Lawn

Summer heat plays a major role in stressing your lawn through the summer months. In order to give your yard the nutrients it needs to survive the heat, it's important that you take the proper spring preparation steps such as fertilization, de-thatching and the installation of inground irrigation system. Nutri-Lawn has been installing Burlington inground irrigation systems for over 20 years, providing you with a lush, healthy lawn.

What is Heat Stress?
Under the heat of summer months, the sun dries the top layer of the ground making it difficult for moisture to soak in. When this happens, grasses and plants will use the moisture stored in their root system to survive. This inevitably leaves the roots in a vulnerable state, shrunken and under stress.

Cool season grasses, such as bluegrass and ryegrass, thrive in North America. However, they will go dormant under dry heat, turning yellow and appearing dead. The only way to prevent this unappealing result is by supplying correct increments of water each week, and a simple way to do so is through the use of a controlled inground irrigation system.

Designed with customer satisfaction in mind, the professional installation of Nutri-Lawn Burlington in-ground irrigation systems can be set to water your lawn in the preferred early hours of the day without any inconvenience to you, the home owner.  

How Can I Prepare?
Watering your yard in recommended increments during the spring will help improve the health of your lawn through the summer months as soil and roots will retain more moisture under heat stress conditions.
In addition to watering at an even pace in the early morning - which can be made effortless through the use of a timer controlled inground irrigation system - you can also promote a deep healthy root system by increasing the height of your lawn mower blade, and through regular lawn fertilization. Burlington inground irrigation paired with additional spring preparation techniques are vital steps to help your lawn combat the hot, dry summer months.

How Can I Treat It?
When it comes to cool season grasses, it is often best for Mother Nature to take control. As the temperature cools, moisture will naturally be redistributed to the grasses roots, allowing your lawn to re-grow without a lot of additional help. However, having an inground irrigation system will help speed the treatment of summer stress by distributing water at a slow and steady pace.
It is important that while under heat stress, you do not cause further stress to the lawn by:

  • heavy fertilizing
  • aggressive mowing
  • applying herbicides
  • dethatching
  • aerating 

The most important step to take in order to prevent or heal a damaged lawn is to install an inground irrigation system that will maintain a healthy watering schedule for your lawn. To care for your heat stressed lawn, contact the lawn maintenance experts at Nutri-Lawn and learn more about our residential and commercial Burlington inground irrigation options.