Benefits of Composting to your Inground Sprinkler System

The push for greener, cleaner practices isn't just for lawn care services – it applies to inground sprinkler systems too. Many of the practices that can help in your regular lawn care schedule will also help in your irrigation services. Composting is a practice that is easy to incorporate into your lawn care, and will supplement your Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler system. Below is a description of the several benefits you'll gain if you choose to use composting.

Fix soil density issues
Soil that is overly compacted, like clay, or too loose to absorb water, like sand, will not form the best foundation for your grass. It also will make your inground sprinklers work harder than necessary in order to get the bare minimum of water to your grass. Compost in loose soil will introduce the extra density required to absorb water, rather than letting your irrigation simply run off your yard. Compost in compacted soil will loosen the soil particles, allowing water to penetrate the lawn to your grass roots below. From there, your grass roots will also be able to reach deeper in ways they wouldn't have been able to in overly compacted clay soil.

Improve aeration for your inground sprinkler systems
Within your compost are hundreds, if not thousands, of small insects and worms that make their home in your kitchen waste. These insects may seem like creepy crawlers to you, but they become useful when applied to your lawn. The worms and insects will create minute tunnels through your lawn as they shift their homes from your compost heap to your soil. Unlike tunnels from larger creatures, the tunnels made by these worms and insects will continue the process of aeration that you may have already begun with your irrigation services from Nutri-Lawn Burlington. Aeration reduces compaction in soil, and provides entryways for water from your irrigation services to delve deeper into your soil. 

Provide slow release fertilization
Compost releases its nutrients slowly. This means that your grass benefits from the fertilizer in compost for longer than it would from synthetic fertilizers. When combined with effective inground sprinkler systems, slow-release fertilizer in compost will continue to feed your grass throughout the transitioning period of spring, ensuring your grass roots become as strong and as healthy as possible before the hot season hits.

This slow-release process exists because of the strength with which compost holds onto its nutrients. Compost doesn't release the nutrients easily, or immediately. However, it doesn't hold these nutrients in a fortress either – grass roots may absorb nourishment as required.

Remove chemicals from the soil
Compost naturally absorbs harsh odours, neutralizes volatile compounds, and helps to reduce and eliminate pesticide residue in the soil. Through this, compost assists in keeping water sources clean by minimizing the amount of chemicals that enter streams. This means that your inground sprinkler system will be pumping cleaner water to your lawn, ensuring the long-term health of your grass's roots.

Get started with composting and install an inground sprinkler system from Nutri-Lawn Burlington for a greener, cleaner yard. Contact us for a complimentary consultation on our irrigation services today!