Bringing Down the Brown: How to Restore Green to Your Burlington Lawn

After the woes of winter, there's nothing better than looking outside to a beautiful green lawn. But what if your lawn isn't green? What's causing the dreadful dryness and brown bitterness of your grass? There are a number of possible causes for this. All of these issues can be solved, and the health restored with Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler systems and lawn care program. Before you can find the solution though, you need to uncover the problem. Read on for tips on Burlington inground irrigation best practices and for information on dry lawns from Nutri-Lawn Burlington.

Disease damage
Diseases are a common cause of lawn damage following a tough winter. Mould thrives beneath the snow on your lawn, encouraging diseases to breed. Unlike the water from your Burlington inground irrigation, the water on your lawn throughout the winter comes at a time when your lawn is at its weakest, and is only life giving to organisms that will feed on your vulnerable grass.

Disease can also flourish when your lawn is not watered correctly. If you water too often, or if you over-water at night, water will be allowed to collect on the surface of your grass and will create the moist environment required for some lawn diseases to grow.

Make sure your lawn is healthy and strong before going into the winter months. You can prevent disease throughout the summer by running your Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler system in the early morning. The cool pre-dawn temperatures will encourage your grass and soil to soak up the water before the sun sweeps in to take away the leftovers.

Death by insects
Just as the water pooling on your lawn will breed disease, so too will the organic material popping up around your yard will welcome insects. How you solve this problem will depend heavily on what kind of insect is thriving in your lawn. For instance, grubs from beetles such as Japanese beetles or European Chafers will be eliminated with the use of beneficial nematodes.

Make sure you schedule your Burlington inground irrigation when you apply beneficial nematodes. Nematodes require a moist environment, so for the first ten days following application, your Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler systems may need to run more frequently. A consultation with a Nutri-Lawn Burlington irrigation specialist will help you sort out your new, temporary schedule while the nematodes go to work.

Dryness from drought
Drought and dormancy is the one cause of a brown lawn that may not actually be killing your grass. Grass that's gone brown from lack of hydration is likely in a dormant phase. As long as your lawn only stays dormant for 6 weeks or less, no damage should occur. To return your lawn from dormancy, simply switch on your Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler system to provide the moisture your lawn requires.

If your lawn is dormant, make sure you don't bring it out of dormancy just to put it back into a dormant state a couple of weeks later! Flip-flopping will cause stress and harm to your grass. Also, while your lawn is in a dormant state, avoid harming it with traffic – foot or otherwise.

Turn your lawn into an emerald wonderland this summer with Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler systems. Receive your complimentary consultation from Nutri-Lawn Burlington today!