Burlington Lawn Watering Tips

As you drive through any neighbourhood in Canada, a thick, green, vibrant lawn adds instant curb appeal and shows the home owner is proud of their property. If you have kids or love being outside, a lush lawn is also an amazing place to spend time, relax, or play. So how do you get this perfect lawn? Properly installed and utilized residential lawn irrigation in Burlington is an excellent place to start. Once you've installed a Burlington lawn irrigation system, you'll need to put your irrigation on a schedule, follow the watering restriction rules in the Halton region, and continue your other lawn maintenance procedures. Here are a few more tips to help get your lawn growing green and strong.

Mark it on Your Calendar

Before you flip on your Burlington lawn irrigation system, you'll need to consider, and follow, the Halton Region's regulations regarding watering during peak summer times.

  • Homes with address numbers that end in an odd number, can water their lawn only on odd calendar dates.
  • Homes with even address numbers, can water their lawn only on even calendar dates.

But won't this hurt my lawn? The answer to that question is "no." Your lawn does not need water every day to stay healthy and grow. These odd/even restrictions for Burlington lawn irrigation systems, and watering in general, only take place during the peak summer season. Read on for more information about this regulation.

"Outdoor Water Use Restrictions" in Burlington and Halton

In the Halton Region, there are two types of outdoor water use restrictions that will impact your Burlington lawn irrigation program. These water restrictions can come in the form of mandatory or voluntary odd/even day water restrictions. If the restriction is going to be mandatory, Burlington and Halton residents will receive a notice stating you may not water at all. This will be represented by a "red" warning in the region's colour coded water restriction system. During a "yellow" period, mandatory odd/even watering will be in effect, not only restricted to your Burlington sprinkler system, but also to car washing. Finally, during a "blue" period, residents are asked to use caution and voluntarily adhere to the odd/even rules. As well, you should only use your residential lawn irrigation between the hours of 6-9 a.m. and 6-9 p.m.

How Much Water Does My Lawn Need?

Before you get upset about the odd/even rules, remember, it's not about how often you water, it's about how much. The most effective Burlington residential lawn irrigation programs soak the lawn more deeply, but less frequently. This allows the roots to soak in as much water as possible and maximizes healthy growth. That being said, overwatering can cause disease and should also be avoided. So how do you tell? Ask your lawn irrigation provider what they recommend, and adjust slightly for the hottest periods of the year.

The Clock is Ticking on Your Lawn

With water restrictions in the Halton Region in place asking residents to water their lawns between 6 a.m.-9 a.m. and 6 p.m.-9 p.m., it should be simple to decide when to program your Burlington lawn irrigation system to click on. But when is the best time to water your lawn? Traditionally, early morning is the ideal time to water your lawn. With cooler temperatures, less water evaporates allowing the roots of your grass to soak in the water. Watering at night has been proven to increase the risk of turf diseases, so it is not recommended. If it rains, and your lawn received a good soak, turn off your residential lawn irrigation and let nature do her work. If your lawn has a lot of trees, more frequent watering may be needed, as the tree roots will also use the water. Watering at the right time and the right amount will help you conserve water and grow a stronger, more beautiful lawn.

Save Money and Save Water With a Burlington Irrigation System

If you plan to water your lawn, using professionally installed Burlington lawn irrigation from Nutri-Lawn can actually save you money on each and every bill, and save water. The pros at Nutri-Lawn will properly position your sprinkler system to avoid runoff on the road or your driveway. We've all driven through sprinkler showers that are improperly directed off the lawn and onto the road. This will help with water retention and minimize the amount of water you need to use. For gardens, saplings, and trees, place mulch around their base to help limit evaporation. As well, if you use a rain barrel to collect water, you can use this water in your gardens, leaving the lawn irrigation system to do what it does best...take care of your lawn.

Contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington to discuss our lawn irrigation and maintenance services.