Conserve Water and Save Money With Smart Inground Irrigation

Water conservation is an important issue for many homeowners, as the rise in climate change becomes a growing concern. The best way each homeowner can do his or her part is to make alterations to daily habits and routines. One great example of a positive, eco-friendly routine shift is with water conserving inground irrigation systems.


Nutri-Lawn Burlington recognizes the supreme impact smart inground irrigation systems can have on resources, and because of this, we try to offer the best equipment for the job. Our systems have the qualities required to boost your eco-friendly status and downgrade your water waste. Read on to find out how Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground irrigation systems will benefit your community.

Get smart with an efficient spray nozzle
One huge way water is wasted on a regular basis is with inefficient sprinkler nozzles. These nozzles often use water more than necessary to keep the grass healthy. With high efficiency nozzles, your inground irrigation systems slowly and evenly release water to your lawn.

With this smart programming, these nozzles reduce your water usage and maximize the efficiency of your inground irrigation system. What's even better is that these can be retrofitted to existing irrigation systems.

Scrap the guessing game with sensing controllers
In every lawn care regime, balance is important to the survival of your plants. In order to maintain a healthy lawn, your Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground irrigation system needs to find the happy medium for the amount of water given to your grass. Smart controllers are the ideal piece of equipment for ensuring your grass is never given too much or too little water.

Smart controllers use on-site rainfall data and historic weather data to adjust watering run times on a daily basis.

This system ensures your lawn is only being watered when it needs the extra dose. It will save you water and money, and allow you to get rid of the guessing game of how much irrigation your lawn requires.

What you never want to see
There are a couple of occurrences that you should never see if you want to conserve water. These are hints that your inground irrigation systems aren't as effective or efficient as they should be.

  • Sprinkler nozzles facing the wrong way or on an angle in the soil
  • Run off from your sprinkler
  • Sprinklers running during or following a rain storm
  • Broken or damaged nozzles
  • Obstructions over the sprinkler nozzle
  • Puddles from your sprinkler
  • Sprinkler sprays running over onto driveways, sidewalks, and other hardscape areas
  • Sprinkler sprays without overlap

The smart equipment and installation provided by Nutri-Lawn Burlington, will ensure you never see these water conservation no-nos.

Are you ready to conserve water? Contact the Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground irrigation system experts today to get your sprinkler system fitted with high efficiency nozzles.