Ditch Your Diva Lawn for a Low Maintenance Alternative

Are you tired of spending hours caring for a high maintenance lawn? If you aren't mowing, you're applying fertilizer. When you're not fertilizing, it's time to treat with pesticides. The list of lawn care chores is never ending when dealing with a diva yard. Luckily, not all lawns require star treatment. If you spend more time caring for your lawn than you do enjoying it, now's the time to consider installing a low maintenance alternative. Low maintenance lawns are a cinch to care for, and they increase the efficiency of your inground sprinkler system. So kick your time-consuming and costly conventional lawn to the curb – it's time to streamline your lawn care requirements with an ultra efficient lawn covering from Nutri-Lawn.

What is a Low Maintenance Lawn?
A low maintenance lawn is made up of a diverse mix of hardy, drought-tolerant, and slow-growing turf grasses and fescues. Conventional lawns, on the other hand, are typically made up of a small number of fine turf grasses. Selected for their attractive appearance, these grasses require constant attention in order to maintain their lush look. Low maintenance grass mixes help Burlington residents balance their lawn care routine by requiring less fertilizer, fewer annual mowings, and lighter inground sprinkler system watering applications.

Comparing High and Low Maintenance Lawns
High maintenance lawns look great, but only after hours of attention. The following are a few of the issues Burlington residents run into when caring for a high maintenance yard:

  1. H20 Overload
    Conventional lawns require an awful lot of water to look good, especially if you don't have an efficient inground sprinkler system to work with. This excess consumption lowers water tables and reduces stream flows, which has an adverse affect on our local aquatic life. Low maintenance lawns require less water and they help increase the efficiency of your automatic sprinkler system.
  2. Constant Mowing Increases Pollution
    Cutting the grass isn't just time consuming, it's also harmful to the environment. Constantly running an electric or gas mower produces air and noise pollution. Since low maintenance lawns grow at a slower rate, they require significantly fewer mowings each year.
  3. Forever in Need of Fertilizer
    High maintenance lawns require constant attention because they are composed mostly of turf grasses. Unfortunately, these grasses aren't always suited to Burlington's temperamental climate. As such, homeowners often need to invest in multiple fertilizer treatments in order to keep their yard looking lush. Low maintenance lawns are designed to work with both your soil type and the local climate so you won't have to spend a ton of additional time and money to ensure your lawn stays healthy.

Low Maintenance Lawns and Your Inground Sprinkler System
One of the biggest benefits of installing a low maintenance lawn is the effect it will have on your inground sprinkler system. When you first install a low maintenance lawn, expect to use your automatic sprinkler system regularly. This will ensure that the roots of your new lawn become well established. Once your grass is rooted, and if you've selected grass species that are well suited to your site's moisture conditions, your lawn should require far fewer watering applications.

If you're interested in cutting your annual lawn care requirements in half, a low maintenance lawn could be exactly what you're looking for. For more information on the many benefits of installing a low maintenance lawn, please contact the inground sprinkler system specialists at Nutri-Lawn. Ditch your diva yard and improve the efficiency of your automatic sprinkler system by switching to a low maintenance lawn today.