Fight Back Against Five Tough Summer Lawn Care Issues

Is your lawn in need of some summer lovin'? Give it the pampering it deserves with professional lawn care services from Nutri-Lawn. Our slew of affordable and efficient lawn maintenance offerings and irrigation options make it easy to protect your property against extreme summer weather, drought, pets, kids, and more.

Alleviate the following five lawn care concerns with help from our lawn maintenance and Burlington automatic sprinkler systems.

1. Egads! We've Got Grubs
August is prime time for grubs, so get ready! If your lawn is looking especially withered and feels a bit spongy underfoot, grubs could be behind the damage. To confirm this, dig up the corner of an especially dried-out patch of turf. If you can see white larvae munching away beneath the surface of your grass, it's time to call in an expert.

Thankfully, eradicating these bloated bugs from your lawn isn't as hard as you might think. All you need is a hefty helping of beneficial nematodes. Safe to use around your family and pets, these carnivorous creatures have been proven useful at removing white grubs like the Japanese Beetle and the European Chafer. Just remember to keep the soil moist at all times by scheduling your Burlington automatic sprinkler system to come on prior to and following the treatment.

2. Sleeping Beauty
Don't let a browning lawn get you down in the dumps. While it may look like it's kicked the can, chances are your turf is actually just “sleeping”. Most types of grass varieties will “turn off” or go dormant during periods of extreme heat and drought. These conditions will cause your lawn to go into a state of reduced water usage whereby it will use all available nutrients to sustain root development.

If your lawn has entered a state of dormancy, don't try to force it to green back up. Simply water your plot regularly and deeply (the soil should be wet 12 centimetres beneath the surface) using your Burlington automatic sprinkler system. This will ensure that your lawn's roots receive the right amount of moisture.

3. Puppy Love
Pet urine contains a high concentration of nitrogen salts, a substance that can quickly and efficiently burn through delicate grass blades. Reducing the appearance of these spots can be a bit tedious – the best way is to immediately wash down the area where your dog has urinated with your Burlington automatic sprinkler system. A long-term solution involves training your pet to do their business in a less conspicuous location, preferably an area that is covered by mulch rather than turf.

4. Step Out from the Shadows
Encouraging grass to grow in shady areas can be an almost impossible task. Improve your lawn's chances of taking root by thinning out the tree canopy in your yard. An aggressive overseeding treatment, followed by regularly irrigation from your Burlington automatic sprinkler system will also help grass to take root in these areas.

5. It's a Hard Knock Life
Does your lawn sustain a lot of foot traffic during the summer? If so, your soil could be dangerously compact. Loosen things up with a core aeration treatment. This will help increase air flow and water absorption from your Burlington automatic sprinkler system.

Protect your lawn from these and other frustrating summer lawn care issues. Contact our Burlington automatic sprinkler system technicians to learn more about the benefits of installing an inground irrigation system on your property.