Five Big Benefits of a Well- Maintained Lawn

Don't let the snow fool you. Spring lawn care season is right around the corner. Which means, it's time to renew your Nutri-Lawn lawn maintenance services. If you're not already a customer of Nutri-Lawn, you may be wondering, "Why invest in professional lawn care?" The answer: unparalleled results. Having a well-maintained Burlington lawn does more than simply improve the look of your property. Consistent lawn maintenance and irrigation will benefit your local environment, improve the value of your home and help you save money over the long term.

Simply put - a lush, green, and healthy lawn will improve your quality of life. Here are just a few of the major benefits of consistent lawn maintenance:

1. A professionally maintained lawn is less expensive to care for.

Consistent lawn care is the best way to protect your lawn against harmful pests, diseases, and weeds. As such, investing in consistent care will save you from pricey emergency treatments. The same is true for consistent irrigation. Installing a Burlington lawn irrigation system in your yard will help ensure efficient watering practices, as well as improve the effectiveness of any ongoing lawn care services.

2. A healthy lawn reduces noise pollution.

There's a reason rooftop green spaces are becoming all the rage these days. Not only do they help keep large office buildings cool, but they also reduce urban noise pollution. Investing in the upkeep of a thick and healthy lawn can have a similar impact on the noise pollution in your neighbourhood.

3. A great lawn will improve the value of your home.

Make more green on the sale of your home by investing in the greening of your lawn. Studies have shown that ongoing lawn maintenance and irrigation can have a huge impact on the value of your Burlington property. In fact, statistics have shown that a well-maintained lawn can help increase the value of a residential property by upwards of 14%. What's more, a beautiful lawn can also speed up the sale of your home. Your landscaping is one of the first things potential homebuyers see when they visit your property. Make sure your lawn leaves a lasting impression – invest in professional lawn care and a Burlington lawn irrigation system.

4. A green lawn improves air quality.

Healthy grass helps improve air quality through photosynthesis. A well-maintained lawn also helps improve the health of your soil, which further contributes to the oxygen production of other plants and trees in your yard.

5. Strong root systems reduce erosion.

Regular irrigation and lawn care maintenance prevents topsoil from being flooded by rain or blown away by wind. To improve the strength of your lawn's root system, simply monitor your Burlington lawn irrigation system closely. Proper moisture levels can go a long way towards improving the vitality of your turf.

Think lawn care maintenance isn't worth the time or effort? Think again! A well-maintained lawn can impact your health, finances, and quality of life. So don't cut corners. Invest in professional, affordable lawn care and irrigation solutions from Nutri-Lawn. For more information on lawn irrigation systems and spring maintenance programs, contact Nutri-Lawn Inground irrigation at 905-632-2445.