Five Important Organic Lawn Care Practices

Looking for an excuse to exercise your green thumb this summer? When it comes to maintaining an amazing Burlington lawn, it's all about elbow grease, proper irrigation from your Burlington sprinkler system, and a full helping of organic lawn care practices from Nutri-Lawn. When combined, these three lawn care tactics will help you maintain the perfect property for playing, relaxing, and enjoying everything that summer has to offer.

Whether you're battling a weed outbreak, or looking to improve your environmental stewardship, you'll get the best results from your Burlington sprinkler system and lawn care practices by carefully planning and timing your organic lawn care treatments.

At Nutri-Lawn, we specialize in a number of organic lawn care treatments designed to complement your Burlington sprinkler system applications. These including: soil testing, core aeration, overseeding, organic fertilizers, and topdressing.

Find Your Balance with Soil Testing
The first step in any organic lawn care program involves testing. Before you can seed and feed your lawn, you need to know what kind of soil you're working with. This is achieved through the use of a soil pH test. Once our organic lawn care experts have established the pH of your lawn, they can recommend further treatments to help correct any problems and nutrient deficiencies.

Get to the Core of the Issue with Core Aeration
Core aeration, when coupled with irrigation from a Burlington sprinkler system, is a great way to promote healthy root development in your property. The treatment, which involves the removal of tiny plugs of soil throughout your lawn, helps to break down compacted soil and increase water, oxygen, and nutrient penetration. The end result is a healthier root system on your property, which leads to a denser, more weed-resistant lawn.

Core aeration is recommended for lawns of all types, even those that feature loose, crumbly soil. This is because all soil types can benefit from increased air and nutrient flow.

You Can Never Go Overboard with Overseeding
Improve your lawn's growth potential by practicing overseeding alongside your Burlington sprinkler system treatments. By overseeding your lawn (adding grass seed directly to the top of your existing turf), you'll not only improve the look of your property, but you'll also make it more difficult for weeds to move in and take over.

The key to overseeding hides in the seed itself. When you use certified seeds from Nutri-Lawn, your turf will have a much greater chance of sustaining healthy long-term growth. For more information on grass seed varieties, don't hesitate to talk to the Burlington sprinkler system and lawn care professional at Nutri-Lawn. Our technicians will be happy to assist you with a soil analysis and seed recommendation.

Grow Strong with Organic Fertilizers
Regular applications of organic fertilizers can go a long way to helping improve the health and long-term sustainability of your lawn. Remember, proper fertilization requires four treatments: one in the early spring, one in the late spring, and one in both the summer and the fall. The early treatments will help get your lawn established, while the summer treatment will help combat stress, and the fall dose will help reintroduce nutrients into the soil prior to the winter months.

Take a Bit Off the Top with Topdressing
Naturally fertilize your lawn all summer long with compost from grass clippings and topdressing applications. These nutrient-rich applications are a great way to ensure your lawn absorbs the moisture from your Burlington sprinkler system treatments.

Enhance your organic lawn care practices with a Burlington sprinkler system from Nutri-Lawn. Contact our office today for more information on our environmentally friendly systems and how they can benefit your property.