Five Tips for Natural Lawn Care in Burlington

Every great lawn begins with a great lawn care plan. From seeding and fertilizing to mowing and irrigation, great lawns take time, maintenance and perseverance. This is especially the case when you're trying to implement environmentally friendly lawn care techniques. If you're struggling to adapt to pesticide-free lawn care, don't give up just yet. Part of adhering to a natural lawn care regiment involves patience. The following are five important tips to help you "go green" this spring.
Step #1 – Spring into Action

Spring is the most important season for lawn care in Burlington. As such, it's important that you focus your energy strategically. First and foremost, it's important that you book your core aeration early. Aeration will help alleviate compacted soil, which in turn will help improve root development in your turf. The Burlington lawn sprinkler experts at Nutri-Lawn recommend aerating your lawn once in early April and again in mi-September.

Immediately after aerating your lawn, be sure to apply a nutrient-rich organic top dressing. Organic matter is a crucial component of your soil's structure. Adding thin, but liberal layers of top dressing to your lawn throughout the spring will help improve the sustainability of your soil.

Finally, don't forget to overseed in the spring. The technicians at our Burlington lawn sprinkler service recommend using a diversified seed mix that includes both rye and fescue grass types. Remember to water this regularly using your lawn sprinkler system until it is fully established.

Step #2 – Find the Right Fertilizer

When shopping for environmentally friendly fertilizers, look for ones that are natural, organic and feature a slow release formula. The best times to apply fertilizers are in late May and again in mid-September. If you're not a fan of fertilizers, consider using lawn clippings as a natural alternative. Evenly spreading grass clippings on your lawn can eliminate the need to apply fertilizers by as much as 25%.

Step #3 – Understand Your Irrigation

In order to make the most of your Burlington lawn sprinkler system consider installing a smart controller. This will ensure that your irrigation system is in-tune with Mother Nature and will prevent any unnecessary over-watering. Remember to set your lawn sprinklers to come on in the early morning to avoid wasteful evaporation. Healthy lawns in Burlington require approximately 2.5 centimetres of water every week.

Step #4 – Maintain Your Mower

Remember to remove only 1/3 of the length of grass that you're mowing. Removing any more could cause your lawn unnecessary stress. It's important that you never cut your grass any shorter than 5 to 6 centimetres. Leaving your lawn at this length will help your turf develop a deeper root system and prevent the germination of unwanted weed seeds.

Step #5 – Look at Alternative Ground Cover

Not all lawns in Burlington are created equally. If you find your lawn is extremely difficult to maintain, it could be because your property isn't suited to traditional grasses. Switching your lawn out for clover or some other form of ground cover could help improve the look and health of your property.

Learn more about natural lawn care practices today – contact one of our Burlington lawn sprinkler technicians today for more information.