Get Smart About Your Lawn Irrigation

Is your lawn looking a little parched this summer? Well, you've come to the right place! Nutri-Lawn Burlington has a handful of tips and tricks that can be used to make your lawn that much healthier, and greener.  Of course, perfecting these tricks can be the hard part.  We've compiled a few techniques to create a smarter lawn irrigation routine this year.  So what are you waiting for? Save time and energy this summer with help from Nutri-Lawn.

Water in the morning
Many homeowners program their lawn irrigation systems to run at night.  However, night time lawn irrigation isn't always the best idea for your grass.   The optimum time to water is actually in the early morning, when it's still cool enough to allow the water to soak in without having it sit for long.  Night watering can cause lawn disease as the water sticks to the grass. 

Water infrequently
The most you should water your lawn is twice a week. Unless your soil is sandy, then you may need to water every three days.  With regular soil, once a week is good enough.  Anymore than that amount and you will be overwatering your lawn.  This can lead to two results that can severely weaken your grass:

The less you use your lawn irrigation systems, the more your roots will be forced to grow deeper to soak up those nutrients out of the soil.  This is a great thing – you want deeper roots for a healthy lawn.

Adjust your timer
Install a timer on your lawn irrigation system to make sure your lawn is being watered for the right amount of time.  You can adjust this to fit your personalized lawn irrigation schedule.   

The 6 in rule
Allow the water to sink 6 inches into the soil of your lawn.  Make sure to program your lawn irrigation system to water long enough to let this happen.  If you need to, check the soil every 15 minutes the first time you use your system.  Lift the soil up 6 inches with a shovel and check to see if it's moist, or dry. 

To water, or not to water?
Some homeowners choose not to water.  This won't hurt your lawn – it will merely go dormant like it does in the winter.  As long as you water it once a month, your grass should be perfectly fine.

However, it's important that you don't flip flop.  Don't allow it to go dormant only to change your mind and bring it back to life, then allow it to go dormant again.  While this may fit your schedule better, this is rough for the grass. This indecision is stressful on the grass and its root system.  Pick one or the other and stick with it. 

Let it soak in
If you have tougher soil, you'll need to water your lawn in stages.  Hard soil takes a bit longer to soak up the water, so remember to irrigate in 30-minute increments.  After the first half hour, stop long enough to allow the water to soak in, then water for another 30 minutes.   If you water in stages longer than half an hour, the water will just run off the yard. 

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