Give Your Lawn the Gift of New Life with Spring Irrigation Services

Winter has begun to melt away and to your immense dismay, the lawn underneath the freeze isn't quite the verdant wonderland you'd been dreaming about since October. So what can you do? Nutri-Lawn Burlington has the answer: inground sprinkler systems. Having effective irrigation services can make the difference between a beautiful jade yard, and a patchwork mess of dead grass and dirt. Read on for tips from Nutri-Lawn Burlington to make your lawn the utopia you yearn for.

Revive patchy areas
Before you start up your inground sprinkler systems, you need to make sure all of your grass is there. If you're finding dead, patchy areas of your lawn, it's time to reseed. Overseeding rejuvenates your lawn by adding fresh grass seed to the mix. This will strengthen your lawn, and ensure that the efforts of your irrigation services aren't being used up by dehydrated, and hopelessly brown, grass.

Check your mower and inground sprinkler systems
Dull mower blades and clogged up or damaged inground sprinkler systems won't be able to revive your lawn from winter damage. In fact, they could make the damage worse.

Dull mower blades tear at your lawn, ripping up your grass rather than offering the neat, clean cut that sharp blades provide. This weakens your grass, making it more susceptible to disease. Before bringing out that mower, make sure the blades are sharp, and never mow wet grass. Wet clippings will clog up your lawn (if you leave the clippings), or stick to and clog up your mower and its bag. Also make sure that you're keeping your grass tall by only mowing off 1/3 of your grass's height each time. This ensures the grass can reach for water, and shade water from evaporating in the hot sun. This, in turn, conserves the work put in by your irrigation services.

Get your Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler systems tested for clogs, damage, or damaged sprinkler heads. Any damage to your inground sprinkler systems can reduce their effectiveness. Winter can wreak havoc with your irrigation services that remains invisible until tests are done. If any erosion or damage is found, Nutri-Lawn Burlington can fix it up so that you can revitalize your lawn before the hot season hits.

Test your soil
You have the right schedule for your inground sprinkler system, you're using the best fertilizer, you've overseeded, but for some reason, the damage isn't healing. It's time to check a soil sample. It's possible that you have the wrong kind of grass for your type of soil. Or, you could just need a simple layer of compost or topdressing.

If your soil is heavily compacted clay, or loose and sandy, your grass may not be getting the nutrients you're giving it. By topdressing your soil, you are giving back the nutrients your grass has been missing, as well as creating a foundation of soil to retain moisture. It's a quick solution, and a lasting one.

Changing the grass takes a little bit more work, but will be beneficial in the long run. Simple lawn renovations will have to be completed. If this is the case, make sure to contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington early in the year, to avoid running your irrigation services for nothing.

With these tips in mind, you're well on your way to getting a healthy lawn with effective irrigation services. To take the next step, get your complimentary consultation for a Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler system installation today!