Going Au Natural: Why a Native Lawn is a Healthier Lawn

While not many people suddenly decide that they’re going to completely uproot their lawn, including grass species native to the Burlington area in your turf can pay you back in big dividends.  People who have gone native have reported that their lawns are healthier, require less pesticides or fertilizers, and demand less output from their sprinkler systems.  However, not many people are aware of the benefits of implementing “local” grass in their lawn.  If you’re curious about the plethora of positives related to a native lawn, then look no further!

Cha-Ching! That’s the Sound of Money in Your Pocket
If you want to redo your entire lawn, then yes, that will require some up-front investment.  However, a lawn renovation with native plants will be far cheaper than a lawn renovation with exotic ones, leaving you with leftover money to spare for installing our Burlington sprinkler systems

In addition, since native grasses are genetically pre-disposed to grow in the Burlington area, you won’t have to spend as much money keeping your lawn in tip-top shape.

Go Native for Less Maintenance
As we’ve already touched on in this article, native turfgrass is much easier to cultivate than grass that is native to other regions.  Why?  It already knows how to thrive in the environment without any coaxing from you.  It will require minimal watering from your irrigation system, as well as less fertilizing overall.

Local Turfgrass has Benefits for Wildlife
With “going green” being all the rage, do you not want your garden to benefit the ecosystem as well as the eyes of passerby?  Just like your native grass knows how to thrive in the environment, local animals and insects already know how to coexist with your grass.  The ecosystem is dependent upon native plants to keep it functioning in tip-top shape.  Think of this as doing your part to help things run smoothly.

To top it all off, your new native landscape may attract local animals to your yard, which could always be a fun sight to observe.

Survival of the Fittest
Plants that live in their natural habitat have adapted over time to fight off almost anything that they can encounter in the area.  As such, your native turf will be much less disease ridden than a sensitive exotic turf. 

Less Wear and Tear on your Burlington Sprinkler Systems
Since native grass is adapted to our local living conditions, it requires less need for irrigation (although you should always monitor conditions in case of an unusually dry season).  Moreover, tons of pesticides and fertilizers are also not necessary for your native turf grass to flourish. 

Native Grass Equals Clean Air
Bonus for you: native plants require less trimming, mowing, and maintenance.  So if you spend less time mowing your lawn, you’ll spend less time polluting the air.  To escalate the clean air benefits even further, native plants also absorb carbon dioxide in the air.

If you’re unsure about which grasses are native to the Burlington area, don’t hesitate to ask one of our experts.  To find out more or to inquire about our Burlington sprinkler systems, contact Nutri-Lawn today!