Grass Seed 101: How to Plant the Perfect Lawn

Don't let the critics fool you – early spring is a great time to sow grass seed! If you missed the opportunity to plant grass seed last autumn, don't despair. The proper seed choice, along with a little irrigation assistance from the experts at Nutri-Lawn Burlington, is all it takes to establish a hearty, healthy turf.

It Starts With the Seeds

The first step to planting a pristine lawn is seed selection. Like flowers, grasses come in a number of different varieties. Before you buy a bag, make sure you consult with a Burlington lawn maintenance expert to learn which grass type is best for your property. Varieties range from drought-resistant to fine ornamental mixes. In most cases, Burlington homeowners should focus on a hardwearing family lawn mixture that includes rye grass. This will stand up to heavy traffic and help push out unwanted weed growth.

Prepare The Soil With Care

This next step requires that you get a little dirty, so don't forget your gardening gloves. First, prepare the soil by skimming off any old or dying grass. Also keep an eye out for any rocks, weeds or debris. If you require assistance, don't forget to ask our Burlington lawn maintenance service.

Next, gently even out your yard so that it's level. If you don't have a high-quality garden rake, now's the time to pick one up! You're going to need it to level out any uneven patches and create a fine finish on the soil. If you find that your soil is difficult to work, contact our lawn maintenance service and book a core aeration. Your soil could be suffering from compaction, which if left untreated, could hinder your turf's growth.

How to Sow Seeds Like a Pro

The best way to seed a new lawn is with a mechanical spreader (contact our Burlington lawn maintenance service for more details). This will ensure that the seeds are distributed thickly and evenly. When spreading the seed, remember to apply half of it traveling back and forth across the length of your lawn. For the best coverage, sow the remainder of the bag width-wise across your lawn at a 90-degree angle. Once the seed has been applied, rake the soil lightly; this will prevent it from blowing away. Water slowly and evenly with your Burlington inground irrigation system.

Aftercare to Keep in Mind

Caring for your grass seed takes time and patience. Remember, grass seedlings are susceptible to drought, so be sure to turn your Burlington inground irrigation system on regularly. You should also prevent people from walking across the fresh seed. Weeding the lawn by hand will help your turf to establish strong roots.

Overseed to Extend the Life of Your Lawn

Ensure that your lawn continues to improve with age by overseeding regularly. Overseeding is the practice of adding new grass seed to your lawn every year. This helps to fill in any thinning areas and discourages unsightly weeds from taking root. Overseeding is most effect when done in the spring or fall, so don't wait; book your appointment with our Burlington Nutri-Lawn lawn maintenance service today.

Beautiful lawns begin with proper irrigation. Contact our Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground irrigation department to learn more about our residential sprinkler systems.