Grass Seed Growth and Your Burlington Lawn Sprinklers

Water is an essential ingredient for all life forms, including your lawn.  Through water, minerals can enter and nourish your plants.  Water is also a necessary component in photosynthesis, something which your lawn requires to survive.  Water allows your grass to cool itself when it gets too hot and allows your lawn to hold itself up as opposed to becoming limp.  Water plays a critical component in all aspects of your lawn’s life.  If you notice your grass seed isn’t growing the way it should, take a look at your lawn watering practices. 

A Time and Place for Everything
While watering is a crucial element to the germination of your grass seed, when you seed your lawn will also have a big impact as to how well it grows.  When you apply grass seed in the spring or fall, the weather is often unpredictable.  Additionally, grass seed that is planted when the soil is at lower temperatures won’t germinate until the soil temperature has increased.  Instead, try applying grass seed in the warmer months and watch your lawn take off.

How Burlington Lawn Sprinklers Impact Your Grass Seed
Of course, watering is going to have a beneficial impact on your lawn.  Even poor irrigation practices can have a negative effect on your grass. Like all good things in life, your lawn needs just the right amount of water. 

What Happens When You Don’t Water Enough?
If you choose to sparsely water your lawn, then those minerals your grass needs for growth will not be delivered and your lawn will not undergo photosynthesis.  In additionally, since your grass is robbed of its cooling mechanism, the lawn will dry out and go limp.  In addition, low water volume results in shallow grass roots that don’t grow very well.  In short, too little water prevents proper germination.

What Happens When You Water Too Much?
Overwatering your lawn will not make it grow any faster.  In fact, if you overdo it with your watering, it could delay germination.  By overwatering your lawn, you could be setting the stage for disease or fungus growth.

How to Water Just Right
It’s important that you use your Burlington lawn sprinklers correctly.  Most lawns require 1-2 inches of water per week – so it’s better to give them a deep watering once or twice a week.  While the seeds are germinating, this will encourage the grass blades to develop strong, deep roots that will be better suited to stave off infection and infestation.

Ensure Grass Growth With Easy-to-operate Lawn Sprinkler Systems
With our Burlington lawn sprinklers keeping your lawn properly watered, your grass seed is sure to flourish.  We use reliable brands, such as Hunter and Toro, and every installation includes a rain sensor.  Our rain sensors will automatically shut off your system when Mother Nature has decided to water your lawn for you.  In addition, our new moisture sensors can further help to increase water conservation.  Our inground sprinklers are big on efficiency, but not big on your water bill!

Ensure a healthy lawn this spring by installing our easy and efficient irrigation systems.  Getting started has never been simpler.  Simply visit our website and request a consultation.  Our lawn experts will get back to you as soon as possible.