How Our Burlington Inground Sprinklers Can Protect Your Lawn From Animals

As a dedicated and diligent lawn owner, you put a lot of time and effort into taking care of your yard.  So naturally, when you find random brown spots on the lawn or your lawn dug up or eaten, you’re bound to be a bit upset.  Various animals can be the culprits of these landscaping crimes.  Fortunately, there are ways to prevent your furry friends from turning your landscape into a disaster zone.  From preventative methods to helping your lawn bounce back – it all starts with your Burlington inground sprinklers. 

A Healthy Lawn is a Resilient Lawn
Regardless of the damage these critters might be doing, your lawn will be better able to withstand any harm done to it if you take preventative steps.  Part of good lawn health involves sound watering practices.  The best way to water your lawn is not quick, daily waterings, but watering your lawn for a longer period of time every few days. 

However, that can be tricky when it comes to keeping up with the weather.  What if it rains?  Our Burlington inground sprinklers have that covered.  They can sense how much water is in the soil and will only activate when your soil needs it.  This keeps your lawn saturated properly and allows your grass seed to establish strong, deep roots.

Who’s Doing Some Digging?
If you notice some holes in your lawn, the culprit is likely skunks or raccoons – both are known for digging up lawns in search of grubs.  If this is the case, use some environmentally-friendly pesticides to control the grub population.

However, sometimes the digging culprit is a little closer to home: the family dog.  Often when dogs dig, it’s a sign that they need more entertainment.  Try to keep them physically active and have plenty of toys in their environment, both indoors and outdoors.

If digging has occurred in your lawn, sprinkle some lawn seed over the soil and irrigate regularly with our Burlington inground sprinklers.

Someone’s Got the Munchies…
Gardens and grasses appeal to wildlife because they’re an accessible food source.  When it comes to animals nibbling at your garden or lawn, knowledge is power: here are a few ways to detect what type of animal is feasting on your fresh new vegetation. 

  • If you see torn twigs and leftover vegetation, a deer is likely helping himself to your lawn or garden.
  • On the other hand, if the animal is a bit neater in its feedings, it could be a rabbit or a woodchuck.  If you also see small, pea-shaped droppings, it’s a good sign that Peter Cottontail has found a home in your yard.

While fences may work against rabbits, unless you want to erect a tall fence, it will be of little use fending off deer.  Your options range from covering the area to applying various deterrents to the lawn.  Ask your Nutri-Lawn expert about which option is best for you.

If an area of your lawn has been binged on, overseed it and then irrigate regularly until the area bounces back and begins to thicken up.

Our Burlington Inground Sprinklers Can Help with Dog Urine
Dog urine can cause unsightly spots on your lawn, which can put an end to all of the effort you’ve put into your yard maintenance.  There are many things you can do to protect your lawn, which we cover in this article: Don’t Let Your Lawn Go To the Dogs.

Protect your lawn from wild invaders this year with expert lawn care from Nutri-Lawn.  Contact Nutri-Lawn today to request a free quote.