How Should I Seed My Lawn?

When it comes to repairing a patchy lawn, many Burlington homeowners are confused by their options. From core aeration and slit seeding to sodding and overseeding applications, there are a number of different ways to create and maintain a beautiful lawn.

Of course, each seeding option has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Today, our technicians will provide you with details on two popular options: slit seeding and core aeration.

Is Slit Seeding Right For My Burlington Lawn?

A slit-seeding machine operates the same way as a reel-type lawnmower would. When pushed, the slit-seeder creates little slits in the soil that are then automatically filled with seed. How deep you slit the soil and plant the grass seed is related to the type of soil and the soil's moisture content.

Slit-seeding is best used to repair turf that's located in fine soil. Slit seeding will help your lawn thicken up quickly and efficiently.

What About Aeration?

Core aerations treatments do more than just poke holes in your lawn. This Burlington lawn care procedure actually improves the overall health of your lawn by improving airflow, nutrient flow and moisture retention. Aerating your soil before seeding prevents soil compaction, which enables your turf to grow strong roots. If your lawn endures heavy traffic on a regular basis, core aeration is probably a good investment, even if you're not planning to re-seed.

Once you've relieved your soil of compaction, it's time to turn on your Burlington sprinkler system and reintroduce moisture back into your property. The water from your sprinkler system will now be able to better penetrate the soil, creating conditions that are far more favourable to grass seeding and seed germination.

Finally, core aeration allows air to enter the soil. Oxygen helps improve bacterial function in the soil, which is critical the breakdown of organic matter. Regularly aerating your soil helps things like grass clippings and dead or dying plants to decompose more efficiently, reducing thatch build-up on your Burlington lawn. 

Core aeration is most beneficial when applied to a lawn that's already relatively healthy. Improving the air and nutrient flow in the soil will help to maintain your lawn's lush look and keep pesky weeds at bay. Once you've aerated, remember to follow up with a fertilizer treatment from Nutri-Lawn Burlington's sprinkler system department.

Better Together

If your lawn is both spotty and compacted, it's best to consider a combination core aeration and slit-seeding application. Aerating the soil will improve moisture retention from your Burlington sprinkler system, making it easier for your slit seeding application to take root and flourish.

Starting from Scratch

Sometimes, core aeration and slit-seeding simply won't work on your Burlington lawn. In these cases, we recommend an overseeding treatment. Overseeding will help improve the coverage of your Burlington lawn as well as reintroduce much-needed nutrients to the soil.

When it comes to battling patchy lawns, Nutri-Lawn Burlington has seen it all. Our Burlington sprinkler system technicians have years of seeding experience and are capable of providing you with outstanding seasonal maintenance and lawn care services.       

Contact our irrigation offices today to learn how core aeration, slit seeding and professional irrigation can improve the look and health of your Burlington property.