How to Properly Water Your Lawn

Grass, like any living plant, depends on a regular water supply. It's the science of photosynthesis that says plants require water to create their energy. That is why the use of inground sprinklers in Burlington should be an integral part of your lawn maintenance regiment. This doesn't mean, however, that you should turn your sprinklers on every day of the week. Too much water is also a bad thing. If you're looking for the perfect balance to keep your lawn looking healthy and vibrant, keep these watering tips from Nutri-Lawn Burlington in mind.

Your Lawn Type Will Dictate Your Burlington Irrigation Needs

Don't just turn on your Burlington inground sprinklers because you think you have to, and don't leave your lawn thirsty just because you think it looks healthy. On one hand, some grass species will need more water than others, particularly in hot, dry climates. On the other, there are some grass types that can be damaged, and even die from, excessive watering. When you install your irrigation system ask the lawn care experts at Nutri-Lawn to help you create a foolproof, weather-based watering schedule. Our technicians are always happy to answer any question you might have. Have a question right now? Then don't hesitate to contact Nutri-Lawn!

Quick Shower or Soaking Downpour?

If you've ever noticed that, following a large rain in Burlington, your lawn looks stronger, greener, and healthier, it's because it is. Conversely, following a brief shower, your lawn won't show the same signs of life. The same holds true when considering your Burlington irrigation schedule. Brief but frequent watering schedules will promote shallow, weak root growth. Less frequent, deeper watering will benefit your lawn more. Make sure you take this into consideration when programming your commercial or residential Burlington inground sprinklers.

What Time of Day Should I Water?

The time of day you water your lawn can have a significant impact on how well your grass grows and the overall health of your lawn.

Many people get into the habit of watering late at night to conserve water, but unfortunately, late night watering using your Burlington inground sprinklers can also promote unhealthy fungal growth. If you plan to set an irrigation schedule for your lawn, early in the morning is the best time.

Early morning watering doesn't just conserve water, but it also reduces the risk of fungal growth, giving your lawn ample time to soak in the moisture before the hot afternoon sun arrives.

Speaking of that hot afternoon sun; some people incorrectly turn on their sprinklers in Burlington in the hot afternoon thinking they are protecting their grass. In fact, the sun usually burns off the water quicker than it can be absorbed, making this the worst time of day for water conservation.

Water Conservation Using a Burlington Sprinkler System

When using your sprinkler system in Burlington, it's important to consider water conservation. Not only will it save you on your water bills, but it's also good for the environment. Many cities are now setting irrigation limits during the hot summer months to encourage citizens to conserve water. Implementing your irrigation schedule with this in mind will help you better prepare for this possibility. What's more, you may want to install a weather-smart gauge on your Burlington inground sprinklers to help monitor your system. Finally, remember to do less frequent, deeper watering applications, as these will have a better chance of penetrating the soil and reaching the roots of your lawn.

For the perfect residential or commercial Burlington irrigation solution, contact the Nutri-Lawn Inground Sprinkler Systems experts today. The irrigation technicians at Nutri-Lawn will help you grow a beautiful, healthy lawn.