Hunter Solar Sync

Harness the power of the sun with the latest breakthrough technology for in-ground irrigation systems – the Hunter Solar Sync Sensor. This unique two part system works in harmony with your natural surroundings, properly and efficiently providing your lawn with the perfect amount of moisture all day, every day. Simply contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington to mount the sensor and install the sync module and presto – you've got one of the most sophisticated in-ground irrigation sensor systems managing your lawn care needs.

A Simple Sensor Makes All the Difference
The weather can change at the drop of a hat – is your in-ground irrigation system ready to react? The new Huntor Solar Sync certainly is, thanks to an advanced weather-aware sensor system. Designed using sophisticated technology, the Hunter Solar Sync Sensor includes:

  • A built-in Quick Response feature that is capable of sensing and reacting to passing showers. This sensing feature ensures that your watering schedule is constantly in tune with the current weather forecast.
  • An adjustable Rain-Click sensor that ensures that your lawn isn't water unnecessarily following soaking showers.
  • A Solar sensor that measures the sun's rays and protects your turf against burning.
  • An Air Temperature Monitor that carefully calculates the amount of water required by your lawn based on the current temperature.

Make the Most of Your Module
The module portion of the Hunter Solar Sync System can easily be installed on any pre-existing Hunter Pro-C and ICC controller. This portion of the system is the brain behind the entire operation, continually collecting and syncing solar, temperature, and precipitation data. The result is the evapotranspiration rate, or ET. The Hunter Solar Sync in-ground sprinkler system controller uses the ET to determine exactly how much water your lawn needs at any given moment. Changes in the atmosphere are instantly recognized by the module and changes are automatically applied to your watering schedule. Talk about simplicity!

The Hunter Solar Sync in-ground irrigation system controller helps home owners transform the sun's rays into a foolproof lawn care tool. For more information on this great new product, or to learn more about other regulatory systems for your in-ground sprinkler set-up, contact Nutri-Lawn In-ground Sprinkler Systems Burlington at 905-632-2445.