Irrigation Options For New Homeowners

This is the best time of year to move into a new house. The warm weather makes moving a lot easier (just ask anyone who's moved in January). When you get into a new house, the first thing you want to do is make the space your own. Don't neglect the yard in your updating plans! How will you protect the investment you're planning to your yard and gardens? A well-cared for landscape can increase the value of your home by as much as 15%, so make sure the yard is green and lush throughout the long hot dry summer months with an irrigation system.

Start With A Plan

Have a look around the yard. Are there trouble spots that will need attention? The last homeowner had a trampoline that killed the grass in one spot, for instance. Figure all that out. Maybe bring in a landscape design professional to help you. It's in this planning stage, where you're considering moving or relocation gardens or plants that you should also consider irrigation. How will you keep your lawn and garden watered in these hot muggy months?

Inground sprinkler systems

require more time for installation, but they are the most efficient way to water your lawn because no water is lost to evaporation. Many inground sprinkler systems are equipped with timers that allow you to set not only the time of day to turn on and off, but the day of the week as well. Some models have moisture sensors, so the system will know how much moisture is in the soil and will only deliver the water that's needed.

Rain gauges

are fairly inexpensive but can help take the guess work out of irrigation. If you know how much rain your lawn has received in a week, then you'll know how much to supplement or if you need to water at all. Ideally, lawns need one inch of rain a week.

Rain Barrels

are economical and environmentally friendly. Choose a round barrel as corners become weak spots when the barrel is filled with water. Elevate the barrel on a flat level platform. Without a pump to move the water you'll need some help from gravity. Cover the barrel with a mesh or screen to keep out animals and leaves.


come in a variety of options and price points. Oscillating fan-type sprinklers are great if you have a large lawn or garden with square edges. For smaller lawns, choose a sprinkler that sprays a consistent square pattern so nothing is missed or overwatered. Rotary sprinklers have a spinning feature that are best for lawns with round edges because water is distributed in a circular pattern. Pulsating sprinklers are equipped with spikes so you can move them around as needed, and are able to spray in a 360degree pattern and allow you to adjust the angle of the spray.

The sprinkler experts at Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation can help you take the guess work out of residential and commercial irrigation and offer the major brands with professional expertise. Contact us today for your complimentary quote. You'll be glad you did!