Is Your Yard a Drain? How to Tackle Common Yard Drainage Issues

Yard drainage problems can wreak havoc on your property, especially after a heavy spring rain. If your property is oversaturated, soaking shoes will be the least of your problems! Excess water can cause cracks in the foundation of your property, prevent oxygen from getting to the roots of your grass, cause root rot, and encourage the spread of fungus. Taking steps to improve soil drainage won't just make your lawn look better; it will also improve the overall health and irrigation of your property.

What to Do When the Water Begins to Rise
If your yard looks more like a lake than a lawn, don’t wait to seek help. Consult with a professional Burlington lawn irrigation specialist from Nutri-Lawn to learn what your options are. The sooner you assess the problem, the less damage you'll need to deal with down the line.

Managing Minor Saturation Issues
Most minor garden and lawn drainage issues are a result of your soil. The higher the clay content is in your soil, the more likely you'll be to encounter standing puddles of water on your property following a heavy rain or thorough lawn irrigation treatment. This is because clay soil is extremely dense compared to sandy or loamy soil types.

Getting to the Core of the Matter
In order to improve this issue, consider booking a core aeration treatment through Nutri-Lawn's Burlington Lawn Irrigation department. Slow compaction from foot traffic, environmental stress and a lack of healthy organic material can condense your soil to the same consistency as pavement. Aeration will help diminish compaction issues in your soil, loosening up the clay and making it easier for water to filter through.

Spread Some Joy
Another way to handle your Burlington lawn drainage issue is to dress up your lawn with a nutrient-enriched organic top dressing. A liberal helping of compost will improve your soil's ability to retain water, making the most of your Burlington lawn irrigation applications. It will also help with the building of healthy, new soil – a necessity for a lush, hearty turf.

Some Quick Tips to Improve Your Lawn Drainage Today
Prevent puddles and stop soggy spots from forming in your Burlington yard. Here are five great tips from the Burlington law irrigation experts at Nutri-Lawn:

  • Get some rain gutters. This will help redirect rainwater and snowmelt.
  • Add a French drain. This will alleviate major lawn drainage issues.
  • Plant more trees and shrubs; their roots will help absorb any additional moisture from your Burlington lawn irrigation system and Mother Nature.
  • Build up the grade around your home. This will help move water away from your property's foundations.
  • Install a rain barrel. This is a great way to reduce puddles and recycle water.

Burlington lawn drainage problems don't have to ruin your lawn or garden. Contact Nutri-Lawn's Burlington Lawn Irrigation department today for more details on lawn drainage.