Learning to Love Clover

Many people try to get rid of this Irish symbol, believing it to be a weed.  However, these plants aren't weeds, nor are they bad for your lawn.  If you're worried about clovers sucking up the water from your lawn sprinklers in Burlington, stop! Don't let clover's bad reputation turn you off of this natural ground cover. Instead, embrace it as part of an organic lawn care program.

What is Clover?
Clover, or Dutch white clover, is a nutrient-rich, naturally occurring ground cover.  Both insects and animals feed on this useful plant.  This means that having clover in your yard can actually encourage insects to feed on the preferred clover, rather than your grass. 

How can Clover Benefit My Burlington Lawn?
Simply put, clover is low maintenance.  Even without proper Burlington lawn sprinkler services, the clover in your yard could flourish healthily. This is because clover can grow in dry conditions.  However, having good Burlington lawn sprinkler services will help ensure that your clover will remain healthy. 

Quite the opposite of being a weed, clover is also great for weed control.  This plant actually chokes those unwanted pests, allowing your grass to get the full benefit of your lawn sprinklers in Burlington. 

Clover acts as a fertilizer for your lawn, as well.  This is because its root systems store nitrogen, which in turn feeds your lawn.  In this sense, having a lawn with lots of clover can actually save you money and time.

Clover isn't very susceptible to lawn diseases and murderous insects.  It is extremely resistant to these pests, particularly the hated white grubs that can destroy a lawn.  Some homeowners prefer clover lawns for this reason.  Less work is involved in having such a resistant, low maintenance yard. 

If you're looking for other low maintenance yard suggestions, read more about low maintenance alternatives for your Burlington lawn sprinkler services. 

Why Did Clover Get a Bad Rep?
In the early 1900s, clover got banded in with the rest of the weeds when lawn care companies were trying to find a formula that would remove unwanted plants from lawn turf.  One had yet to be invented that left grass and clover alone.  From that time onward, clover was misconstrued as a plant that damaged, rather than helped. In fact, some lawn care companies and many homeowners still try to get rid of clover. 

How do I Get Clover in My Yard?
You can seed clover.  However, it is generally better to let it invade naturally.  This happens when a single plant pops up, and then spreads.  You may think that that first patch of clover isn't exactly aesthetically pleasing.  Yet, if you let it spread throughout your yard you will soon see a healthy, thick lawn that will prevent other weeds from strangling your turf.

If clover isn't naturally occurring in your lawn, don't worry. You can purchase seed that can be spread throughout the turf. If you're planting your grass at the same time, here are a few tips on how to plant the perfect yard.  Proper installation of residential lawn sprinklers in Burlington will ensure that both grass and clover grow abundantly this summer. 

Harness the luck of the Irish in your Burlington lawn. For the best Burlington lawn sprinklers services this summer, contact Nutri-Lawn for your complimentary quote.