Lumpy Lawn? Learn the Cause

If you're struggling with the frustrations of a lumpy lawn, you may be wondering how on earth your grass got to be that way.  Lumpy lawns are annoying to mow, and dangerous to run or walk across.  There are many causes for bumpy turf, and quite a few solutions, depending on the reason for the lumps.  In fact, you can use your Burlington lawn irrigation to decrease and prevent your lumpy lawn. 

Why is my yard lumpy?
Lumpy lawns can come about due to a number of reasons. 

  • Poor maintenance
    • Improper use of irrigation, mowing methods, fertilization, and aeration could force lumps to arise.  The more you take care of your grass, the thicker and healthier it will be.  A sparse lawn will show the lumps much more, making this a far more dangerous situation than when lumps arise in a thick lawn.  Thin lawns have a number of causes: insects, diseases, lack of proper maintenance methods or perhaps too much shade. 
  • Winter freezing and spring thawing
    • This repeated freezing and thawing of a more mature lawn could cause the soil to heave upwards.  This is an issue that is generally associated with older, more established lawns. 
  • Earthworms
    • Having a nice population of earthworms is actually healthy for your lawn.  They make burrows that allow water and nutrients to travel through the soil, and decompose thatch so it benefits, rather than subtracts from, your grass.  However, having too high a population too close to the surface can cause these creatures to make their castings on the top of the soil.  This causes lumpy lawns, as they dig up through the soil to reach the water from your Burlington lawn irrigation on the surface. 

Proper Irrigation is Key
The more efficiently you use your lawn irrigation, the less likely you are to get a lumpy lawn.  Water your lawn deeply in the early morning.  This will ensure the water travels to a greater depth through your soil, and so encourage a healthy root system.  A strong root system will create a nice thick grass that will shield unsuspecting runners from the threats of a lumpy lawn.

Deep irrigation is also great for your earthworm population.  This will bring the earthworms lower into the soil, allowing them to create their castings far below the surface.  If this is the reason you have a lumpy lawn, then deep Burlington lawn irrigation is the #1 way to prevent further lumps. 

Core Aeration and Power Raking
Core aeration will help the water get even deeper into your soil, and loosen compacted soil.  Power raking will remove debris and thatch from the topsoil, which can cause lumps.  These are essential tasks in creating a healthy, strong lawn. 

Overseed the Thinning Areas
Tackle thinning grass with overseeding! Overseed the thinning areas to ensure a thick and healthy grass that covers those annoying lumps.  Nutri-Lawn's experts can make sure your lawn gets overseeded properly this year. 

Lightly roll your lawn
Using a lightweight roller over your lawn will smooth out the bumps once you've tackled the cause for lumpiness.  Avoid using a heavyweight roller, however.  These will only compact your soil and create further issues with irrigation in the future. 

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