Make the Most of Your Lawn Maintenance with Mulch

Stop bagging your grass clippings and yard waste – all you're doing is throwing away vital nutrients that your lawn needs to survive and thrive! Organic matter from your lawn can easily be mulched and reintroduced into your property in order to improve water retention and the overall health of your turf. Reduce yard maintenance and management worries – make a mulch appointment with a Nutri-Lawn irrigation specialist today.

What is Mulch?
Mulch is the process of using dried leaves and organic matter for the purpose of fertilization. When paired with proper lawn irrigation, mulching is a great way to reintroduce nutrients and microbes into your Burlington property.

Mulch can be made up of a number of organic items. The following are just a few options to consider the next time you talk to a Nutri-Lawn irrigation specialist:

  • Shredded and/or Chipped Bark
    Wood chips are a great option for ornamental gardens as they provide both the benefits of organic matter and the added benefit of texture. With that being said, bark doesn't break down easily, so it won't provide as much nutrition to your soil as some other forms of mulch. Popular woods to consider include cedar, pine and cypress.
  • Mulched Leaves
    No one enjoys raking leaves. So, why bother when you can simply mulch them and use them as a fertilizer? Simply shred leaves by running over them a couple of times with a lawn mower. Mulched leaves are ideal for perennial beds, vegetable gardens and mixed borders. The nice thing about leaf mulch is that it breaks down fairly quickly, providing your soil with plenty of nutrition.
  • Grass Clippings
    There's always plenty of grass clippings to go around during a hot Burlington summer. So why not put them too good use as a natural turf fertilizer? When spread evenly over your lawn, grass clippings can provide your lawn with tons of great nutrients and microbial activity.
  • Cocoa Hulls
    While an expensive option, this form of mulch is probably the most visually appealing. Unfortunately, it's also extremely susceptible to mold. As such, try to avoid spreading cocoa shells in the proximity of your Burlington lawn irrigation system.
  • Compost
    Compost is possibly the best natural option for a stressed out lawn. Not only does it have a natural look to it, but it also provides plenty of nutrients to the soil, increases microbial activity, and improves moisture retention.

The Benefits of Mulch
Mulch can have a two-fold impact on your Burlington property. First, it suppresses weeds by blocking out light. Since weed seeds prefer bare soil to germinate, spreading a healthy layer of mulch on top of your lawn or garden will help ensure that the seeds never have a chance to take root. What's more, mulch helps your lawn retain moisture. A properly irrigated lawn will be less stressed and more capable of warding of disease and insects. Mulch helps ensure that any moisture that is distributed via your Burlington lawn irrigation system has the optimum impact on the health of your grass.

Order Your Mulch Application Now
When it comes to mulching your Burlington property, make sure you remember to order a healthy load. Most people are far too conservative with their mulch applications, causing more harm than good to their Burlington turf.

Not sure how much mulch you'll need to improve the health of your Burlington turf? Then contact the lawn maintenance experts at Nutri-Lawn Inground Irrigation. Our team of technicians can help you craft a lawn care regiment that works in concert with your inground irrigation system in order to increase moisture retention and improve the health of your property.