Manage Moss With Your Inground Sprinkler System

Is moss making a mess of your Burlington lawn? Before you call in our Burlington lawn care experts to assess the pH of your property, consider the following: moss thrives in moist, shady environments. As such, it's quite possible that your Burlington inground sprinkler system might be contributing to the spread of this problematic ground cover.

While soil pH can certainly contribute to the growth of moss, that's just one of many factors that need to be present in order for this non-vascular plant to take hold of your property. Improper watering practices caused by a faulty Burlington inground sprinkler system might be the real reason behind your moss madness.

What Causes Moss to Form
In order for moss to grow on your lawn, you'll require at least two or more of the following factors to be present:

  • Low rates of sunlight
  • Poor soil fertility
  • Dense, compacted soil
  • Moist, acidic soil

If your Burlington property boasts all of these characteristics, watch out! Keeping moss out of your property will prove impossible unless you make some serious changes to your yard's ecosystem.

Factors Impacting the Spread of Moss
Moss loves moisture. Whether it's growing on the surface of a wet rock or creeping it's way through your backyard, moss thrives in damp, dark areas. As such, it's important to make sure that your Burlington inground sprinkler system is well maintained and set to a smart watering schedule. This means programming your system to come on two or three times a week in the early morning. When you irrigate in the morning, you don't risk over-saturating your lawn as any extra moisture will evaporate during the day.

Another factor that could be contributing to your moss growth is poor soil fertility. When your soil's nutrients are out of balance it becomes far more susceptible to weeds and disease. Prevent moss from intruding on your property by sticking to a strict seasonal fertilizer treatments followed by regular Burlington inground sprinkler system irrigation.

Make Moss History
Kick moss to the curb with the following lawn care and Burlington inground sprinkler system suggestions from Nutri-Lawn:

  • Trim the tree canopy above your lawn in order to let some more light shine through. This will help your soil naturally regulate it's moisture content.
  • A core aeration treatment could be in order if your yard is a high traffic area. Removing small plugs of soil from your lawn will help improve the nutrient, oxygen, and water flow within the soil, which in turn will help with the effectiveness of your Burlington inground sprinkler systems.
  • Introduce vital microorganisms back into your soil with an organic topdressing treatment. This will help improve your soil's fertility and pH.
  • Consider opting for a different ground cover. Only certain types of grass can actually grow in damp, shady environments. Ask one of our Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler system experts for more information on sustainable varieties.
  • Perform a pH test to see if your soil's pH is low. A lime treatment, coupled with a stringent Burlington inground irrigation schedule could be all you need to clear up your moss cover.

Keep your lawn lush and moss-free with smart irrigation offerings from Nutri-Lawn. Call 905-632-2445 to learn more about the benefits of a Burlington inground sprinkler system. Our technicians can also recommend a number of lawn care practices to help you prevent future moss growth on your property. All you have to do is ask!