May Lawn Care Tips for Managing Your Turf

April showers bring May flowers… and weeds! After a long winter, May 2/4 weekend has been dubbed the ideal time to start tending to your lawn as weeds such as dandelions and crab grass begin to pop up. An easy and affordable way to handle such early lawn care issues is by utilizing Nutri-Lawn's Burlington weed care and spring lawn irrigation services. Taking steps to improve your lawn in the month of May through proper watering, pest prevention, weed control, mowing and fertilization will contribute to a healthy summer lawn.

Watering Your Lawn
The beginning of the month is typically characterized by light rainfall and damp mornings so it is important to not overwater with your irrigation system. One inch of water before intense day sunlight every two weeks will likely be sufficient, as watering in the evenings will leave your lawn damp at night, which could stimulate fungi and mold growth. Maintaining a properly watered lawn will assist with Burlington weed care and pest control, however, there are some things to keep in mind in order to water wisely:

  • Water on a schedule preferably between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m.
  • Water deeply but pay attention to weather; cancel a scheduled watering if a recent rainfall has occurred.
  • If a fertilizer has just been applied, only water the lawn lightly.

In order to make sure your lawn is watered properly, Nutri-Lawn can install a spring lawn irrigation systems that is timer controlled. Whether it be for residential or commercial purposes, Nutri-Lawn uses only the finest irrigation brands, including Hunter and Rainbird, in their in ground lawn and garden sprinkler systems.

Battling Weeds and Pests
Weed control can become a visible problem in the month of May for those who do not fertilize or overseed their lawn in the late spring or early fall. If taking the time to pick every dandelion from your lawn sounds like a tedious task, consider utilizing the team at Nutri-Lawn for weed care assistance. Organic Burlington weed care options include:

  • Fiesta Weed Control: an iron based formula sprayed to kill weeds
  • Corn Gluten Meal: a herbicide applied to prevent weed seed germination
  • Mechanical Weed Removal:  involves using lawn tools to remove weeds for you

There are also natural ways to fend of unwanted insects from your lawn, such as planting shrubs to attract bug-eating birds, utilizing beneficial insects, and using non-toxic pest control products. Contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington for more information on organic insect management.

Fertilizing and Mowing Your lawn
Your lawn should be fertilized twice a year, once around May and again in September. This will help maintain the condition of your soil, as well as provide nutrients, improve water retention and support the development of necessary micro-organisms.

A spring lawn irrigation system will prove helpful in making sure your fertilizer takes to the soil and reaches the roots of your grass. Also, setting your lawn mower blade high (at least 3 inches) and leaving the grass clippings on the lawn, can help improve the health of your yard.

Getting started on your lawn care this spring doesn't have to be a hassle. Contact Nutri-Lawn's Burlington Lawn Irrigation department today for more details on Burlington weed care and spring lawn irrigation systems.