Grub Control

Has your lawn gone from lush green to dismal brown in just a week's time? Have you noticed that the local wildlife tend to spend a lot more time hanging out in your yard than the neighbours? Sounds like you might be having serious grub trouble! Grubs are a common problem for Burlington residents. Luckily, Nutri-Lawn Burlington In-ground Irrigation Systems offers a number of natural solutions that can help rid you of these nasty pests.

What is a Grub?
Grubs are responsible for tons of lawn care issues, especially discolouration and continual damage. The larvae of pests like June Beetles, European Chaffer Beetles, and Japanese Beetles, grubs tend to attach in the late spring and early summer. Also known as "white grubs" these organisms can easily be spotted thanks to their creamy gray body colour. Although grubs tend to vary in size and colour, you can easily recognize them by their anatomical design: grubs always have six legs and a body that's shaped like the letter C. They are commonly found in areas of extreme moisture.

Do I Have a Grub Problem?
Detecting a grub infestation is easy – simply look for brown spots on your lawn. These dead patches will be irregular in shape. Also pay attention to how your lawn feels when you're walking across it. If you feel as though you're walking on a sponge, chances are good you've got grubs. Grubs feast on the root system of turf, leaving air pockets beneath the soil. In the worst case scenario, you'll be able to lift and roll areas of your grass, like you would a carpet. This is what happens when grubs have eaten the entire root system, leaving nothing to hold your lawn to the soil.

How to Get Rid of Grubs
Preparation is the best way to protect your lawn from harmful grubs. A rain-sensing in-ground irrigation system is a great way to ensure that your lawn is never oversaturated and thus an unappetizing choice for hungry grubs. Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation also recommends regularly aerating your lawn as this will help encourage your grass to grow a strong root system.

Beneficial nematode treatments are another great option for eliminating grubs from your yard. These predatory bugs are natural born protectors of your lawn, seeking out grubs and eliminating them from the soil.
Don't let gluttonous grubs feast on your lawn any longer! Contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington In-ground Irrigation Systems today for more information on environmentally-friendly grub control measures.