Are you on the hunt for a miracle lawn care fertilizer? A potion that not only protects your lawn from pests, but also improves the overall health and structure of your turf? Well, Nutri-Lawn Burlington In-ground Sprinkler Systems has the perfect concoction for you and guess what – it's all natural! Beneficial nematodes are a homeowner's dream! These microscopic creatures are genetically designed to hunt down and destroy the larva of harmful insects, leaving nothing but a lush, green lawn behind. Just one nematode treatment from Nutri-Lawn Burlington can help improve the look and feel of your lawn for an entire year, so why wait? Put beneficial nematodes to work for you today.

The Best Bug in Town
Beneficial nematodes are tiny round worms that naturally live within most soil types. Also known as "predatory nematodes" these microscopic insects feast on the larva of common pests, including gnats, cut worms, fleas, grubs, and root weevils. The good news? Beneficial nematodes leave hard working worms alone and they don't harm pets, birds, or humans. Beneficial nematodes can be categorized as one of two types:

  • Ambushers: This type of nematode remains stationary in the ground and only attacks when a particularly tasty looking larva happens to pass buy.
  • Cruisers: This type of nematode takes a more active approach, traveling through the soil in search of prey.

To learn which type of nematode is right for your lawn care maintenance program contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington In-ground Sprinkler Systems for a free turf consultation.

Prepping Your Lawn for Treatment
Beneficial nematodes work best when applied to a well irrigated lawn. Having trouble keeping your lawn watered? Then check out Nutri-Lawn Burlington's Inground Sprinkler Systems for an environmentally-friendly irrigation solution. Beneficial nematodes also respond best when applied to the soil in late summer or early fall. This is because larvae are at their most vulnerable during these times. Once applied, the tiny round worms will begin to work on contact; the nematodes will be in full attack-mode within 48 hours of the application.

More than Pest Protection
One of the added benefits of treating your lawn with beneficial nematodes is a stronger, healthier turf. This is because nematodes help restore the organic balance of your lawn by removing parasites that are feeding on and destroying grass blades. Nematodes work by infecting parasites with potent bacteria; since they infect the pest while in the larvae stage, there is no opportunity for the pesky insects to mature and procreate.

Does Your Lawn Need Nematodes?
Grub infested lawns are easy to find – simply look for batches of brown and wilting grass. These patches should be easy to lift from the soil; flip a section over and you'll be able to see the grubs munching away on your precious grass. Still not sure if a nematode treatment will benefit your lawn? Then contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington In-ground Irrigation Systems at 905-632-2445 for more information.