Toro Intelli-Sense

Don't let hot, dry weather wreak havoc on your lawn. Irrigate your yard the smart way with the new rain sensing Intelli-Sense irrigation Controller from Toro. This revolutionary new device automatically adjusts your in-ground irrigation system's watering schedule based on a wide variety of variables, ensuring your turf receives the optimum amount of moisture all day, every day.

Understand the Science of Lawn Care
The Toro Intelli-Sense Controller relies on WeaterTrakTM enabled software to create a scientifically calculated, zone-specific baseline for your lawn's unique irrigation needs. Variables like soil type, solar exposure, plant variety, and the precipitation rate are all factored into the calculation, creating a foolproof, custom watering plan. What's more, daily satellite transmitted weather data automatically updates the requirements for your watering schedule – no more manual updates! Designed with water-saving technology, the Toro Intelli-Sense irrigation controller helps minimize water run-off and eliminates unnecessary watering applications.

A Smart Investment for Everyone
A beautiful, even lawn isn't the only thing you'll enjoy after the Toro Intelli-Sense Controller has been attached to your in-ground irrigation system. Homeowners will also see drastic savings on their monthly water bill. Studies show that irrigation systems equipped with a Toro Intelli-Sense Controller save between 20%-40% on their monthly water bill compared to those using a non-regulated set-up. Environmental benefits abound as well, thanks to the elimination of potential runoff storm water pollution. Stop fighting Mother Nature! Instead, work with your natural surroundings by installing an Intelli-Sense rain sensor system from Toro and start reaping the benefits of a scientifically structured irrigation schedule.

Smart rain sensors are a great environmentally-friendly addition to any in-ground irrigation system. For more information on the Toro Intelli-Sense Controller, or to book your rain sensor installation, please call toll free 905-632-2445. Nutri-Lawn Burlington In-ground Sprinkler Systems is committed to water conservation and is proud to offer customers a wide range of "green" lawn care alternatives.