Preparing for a Long Summer of Lawn Care

Spring certainly has sprung here in Burlington. In fact, the recent batch of warm weather already has our lawn care team thinking about summer lawn maintenance services! From mowing to irrigation, there's plenty to keep in mind when gearing up for a long summer of lawn care.

When to Mow

When it comes to mowing your Burlington lawn, little and often is the recipe for success. Mowing your lawn regularly will help keep your lawn thick, tidy and free of weeds. But don't be hasty. Before you start revving your lawn mower motor, it's crucial that you check the blade height. Setting your blade too low could damage your lawn. As such, it's recommended that you set the blade to roughly 3 centimetres at the start of the year. When the grass grows faster during the summer, you may wish to lower the blade to 2 centimetres.

It's recommended that you mow your lawn less frequently during long spells of hot, dry weather. If you notice your lawn turning brown during July or August, consider cranking up the settings on your Burlington inground irrigation system. This will help speed up your turf's recovery.

Watch Out for Ugly Edges

Don't let unruly edging get out of control on your Burlington property. Tidy lawn edges in the early spring to prevent the spread of grass beyond your yard's borders. Our Burlington lawn service can quickly and easily clean up your edging using a unique half-moon shaped tool. Our lawn experts can also repair any damaged edging – contact our Burlington lawn service department for more details.

Repair Patches Promptly

If you're lawn is suffering from patchy discolouration or coverage, don't wait to repair it! Spring is the perfect time to overseed your property and improve the turf coverage of your lawn. If the patchy areas appear to be sunken, contact our Burlington lawn service for expert advice. You may need to apply some topsoil to the area before sowing seeds and turning on your inground irrigation system. If part of your property is used regularly as a path, you may want to protect the turf by laying stepping-stones. When installing stepping-stones, remember to dig out the turf beneath them. This will ensure that your lawn mower can pass over them safely.

Keep Your Lawn Watered

The Burlington inground irrigation specialists here at Nutri-Lawn are asked this question time and time again: How much water does my lawn need? Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast answer. Your property's water needs depend on the grass type as well as the local precipitation rate. In general, applying 2.5 centimetres or one inch of water per week should be enough to keep your lawn looking lush all summer long. Contact an inground irrigation specialist at Nutri-Lawn Burlington today to learn more about our custom residential sprinkler solutions.

Don't waste your summer caring for a sick lawn. Start planning your summer lawn care and irrigation schedule today with help from Nutri-Lawn Burlington.