Remove Moss from Your Lawn Now

For many Burlington homeowners, moss in the lawn is a major problem, especially during long periods of rain. Moss usually tends to occur in areas where there is too much moisture and not enough sunlight. Such areas include patios, lawns, trees, and even roofs. When it comes to lawns, moss can easily overtake your grass and damage your plants. If you’re faced with this frustrating flora, don’t wait to take action.

One of the best solutions to the moss problem is to regulate the level of moisture in your lawn, which you can do by installing a proper sprinkler system. If that sounds like something you need, then you should check out Nutri-Lawn Burlington sprinkler systems and lawn care services.

When and Why is Moss a Problem?
Before we start blaming moss for this and that, it’s important to understand that having some moss in your lawn is absolutely normal. Moss spores naturally coexist with grass and plants, so you can never get rid of it completely – nor should you. However, there is such a thing as having too much moss, in which case it can become a big problem.

Some of the major reasons behind moss overgrowth include low or unbalanced fertility, heavy shade, thick layers of thatch (dead grass), and compacted or wet soils. But fear not – because all these issues can be easily fixed with the use of the most basic tools available. However, if the problem gets too severe, be sure to consider relying on Nutri-Lawn Burlington sprinkler systems and lawn care services.

How to Keep Your Lawn Moss-Free
Surprisingly, it doesn’t actually take much to keep moss away from your lawn. All you have to do is keep an eye on your grass and make sure it stays healthy. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the tips that will help you protect your grass from a moss invasion.

  • Make sure your soil fertility isn’t low and unbalanced by maintaining a proper fertilizing and watering routine. You should start fertilizing your lawn as early as March and continue doing so throughout the year, if you want your grass to remain lush and strong. One of the best ways to keep your soil watered evenly is by using a Nutri-Lawn sprinkler system.
  • Prevent your soil from getting compacted or wet. Usually when soil is too compacted, it does not drain well, which means that it stays wet for long periods of time and encourages moss growth. The best way to get rid of compacted soil is by adding oxygen to it via the process known as aeration. Lawn aerators can be easily bought or rented anywhere in Canada, so be sure to make use of them.
  • Get rid of thatch whenever possible by raking it. The process may be long and tiresome, but it’s definitely worth the trouble. Thatch doesn’t just encourage moss growth, but it also damages your grass. If you want to prevent thatch from occurring in the first place, you should mow you lawn regularly. Just like the raking process, mowing can be tedious, but it’s the only way to keep your grass lush and healthy, so don’t be lazy!

How to Remove Moss From Your Lawn
Now let’s assume that you’ve ignored your lawn long enough to let it become completely overgrown with moss. If that’s the case, then you should consider sterner measures.

One of the best ways to combat severe moss problems is by utilizing a moss killer. It neutralizes the moss quickly, allowing you to regain control of your lawn in no time. Be sure, however, to look for a moss killer that contains ferrous sulphate and a fertilizer of some sort – to encourage healthy grass growth once the moss is gone. Also, don’t forget that ferrous sulphate can easily stain any surface it comes in contact with, so keep it away from pavement and the house.

After applying the moss killer, you should wait for forty-eight hours and then water your lawn thoroughly, using a Nutri-Lawn Burlington trusted irrigation system. In eight or nine days, the moss will begin to die off, so grab your rake and get rid of all the thatch. Once you’re done, wait some more and you should start seeing grass grow in areas that used to be covered by moss.

So, if you have a severe moss problem or you’re simply interested in Nutri-Lawn Burlington sprinkler systems or lawn care services, don’t wait and request a consultation now!