Resist Drought with a Clover Lawn

If you're working with Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler systems, then you've already taken the first step towards keeping a healthy lawn and reducing your environmental impact. If you want to keep that ball rolling, the next step is to reconsider your lawn type. Are you tired of putting the time into lawn maintenance required by grass? Grass can be a needy lawn variety, and if you've got a busy schedule, it can end up being more hassle than you want to deal with. It's time to consider a clover lawn.

Nutri-Lawn Burlington encourages clover lawns for those who want to decrease the work required by their inground irrigation system, and scrap the amount of mowing and fertilizer. If this sounds like you, then read on.

Resist drought, reduce irrigation time
Unlike grass, clover naturally grows deep, sturdy root systems without prompting or special care. This means that clover requires far less water than grass. During periods of drought when you need to switch off your inground irrigation system, clover will continue to boast a gorgeous green colour. During regular climates, you'll be able to decrease the amount that your Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler systems operate. Talk to a Nutri-Lawn Burlington expert to recreate your irrigation schedule once you've planted your clover lawn.

You can almost entirely scrap fertilizer when you have a clover lawn. Clover is nitrogen fixating. This means that it sucks up the nitrogen found naturally in the air, and transforms it into fertilizer. That fertilizer is then deposited back into the soil, to enrich and nourish barren land. Clover is self-feeding.

Prevent damage
As mentioned, clover has deep, strong roots. These roots allow it to be highly resistant to all kinds of damage to which grass would succumb. Clover's roots also help you get the most out of your inground irrigation system as they can reach further into the soil to collect water that has dribbled down.

The deep root system means that weeds can't strangle clover the way they strangle grass. In fact, clover's ability to thrive forces some homeowners to confuse this resourceful plant for being a weed.

If you have a dog, you know how frustrating it is to wake up to find a few more brown spots on the lawn from dog urine. Clover, unlike grass, doesn't succumb to the acidity of dog urine. While grass lawns become patchy when nature calls to Fido, a clover lawn will let your pup do his business without creating an unsightly mess.

Mow less
Clover just doesn't grow like grass grows, and that doesn't only mean a reduction in your Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler systems. Clover lawns require considerably less mowing than a regular grass lawn. In fact, you'll have to mow your lawn so infrequently that you'll almost forget what it feels like to crank up the mower on a Saturday morning. As with most other benefits of clover, this fact allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and to save money.

Begin transforming your lawn into a "green" oasis with eco-friendly, hassle-free Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler systems. Receive your complimentary quote from Nutri-Lawn Burlington today.