Retrofitting: The Hows and Whys from Nutri-Lawn Burlington

Retrofitting: the sometimes undervalued, but critically important process for inground irrigation systems in Burlington. If your inground irrigation system has fallen a little behind the times in technology, or has started to lose its efficiency, you don't necessarily need to invest in an entirely new system. To solve these homeowner water woes, Nutri-Lawn Burlington recommends retrofitting as a potential answer.

Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler systems can be retrofitted to update your system without tearing up the yard or your budget. Read on to find out how and why you should retrofit your inground irrigation system this summer.

What is retrofitting?
Basically, retrofitting involves replacing old parts with new. It requires updating your Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler systems with the newest equipment, rather than completely replacing the whole system.

Update to new technology
There's nothing more eco-friendly than updating to the newest technology. Modern Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler systems offer features that were not nearly as efficient or effective several years ago.

One of these new technologies is the rain sensor. These sensors detect the amount of rain water your lawn has received, and based on this data, decides if your lawn needs more water or not. The sensors will automatically turn on your Nutri-Lawn Burlington sprinklers in the morning if your grass is running low on moisture. And on days when it has rained, the sensors will flip the switch on your system so that your lawn doesn't get a double dose. These sensors take the guessing game out of your inground irrigation in Burlington.

Get an eco-friendly inground irrigation in Burlington
In this instance, "eco-friendly" stands for more than just ecology – it's economically sound for your budget as well.

Most new technologies keep up with the best efficiency and eco-friendly processes. Old technologies, despite perhaps being the best in "green" lawn care at the time of installation, no longer have optimal performance. With age, their efficiency decreases more and more. When you replace the old with the new, you're allowing your system to work at the best possible level.

Inground irrigation in Burlington that is efficient and eco-friendly is a system that is light on costs. When you get more out of using less water, you also save more. This truly is getting more bang for your buck!

Time to make repairs
While you're retrofitting, it’s also a good idea to check for leaks and damage from the winter. Cycles of freezing and thawing can harm your sprinkler system. When you're retrofitting with new equipment, it’s the perfect time to identify and other maintenance requirements.

Check sprinkler heads and pipes. Are there any heads that seem to be spraying less water than the others? Are they spraying in a lopsided direction? Fixing this damage now will potentially save you a money in the long run.

Get the best inground irrigation possible by retrofitting your Nutri-Lawn Burlington inground sprinkler system. Receive your complimentary quote today!