Seven Simple Summer Lawn Care Tips

How's your summer social calendar stacking up? From family reunions to impromptu pool parties, August is often the busiest month of the year. Which is great... until you realize you don't have a whole lot of time to take care of your lawn and its Burlington lawn irrigation needs. However, slacking off on your summer lawn care regiment won't just hurt your turf now; the effects of neglect could continue to manifest themselves right through until next spring.

Luckily, summer lawn care doesn't have to be all that strenuous. The following are seven simple summer lawn care tips to help you stay on top of your turf's health in a quick and efficient manner.

1. No Mowing Problems
Save yourself some extra time this summer and mow your lawn less. Letting your lawn grow longer during the summer is a great way to not just cut your turf maintenance requirements, but also ensure that your Burlington lawn irrigation is working efficiently. Keep your lawn mower blade set at a height of 6 to 10 centimetres and cut your grass only when necessary.

2. How Sharp Are You?
A sharp mower blade makes all the difference when moving your lawn this summer. This ensures that the shoots of your grass are sheared cleanly, strengthening your turf's resistance to disease and improving your lawn's ability to retain moisture from your Burlington lawn
irrigation system. Sharpen your mower blade after every 10 mowings to ensure a clean cut.

3. Don't Forget About Fertilizer
Healthy lawns require plenty of nutrients. This is why regular, seasonal fertilizer treatments are so important. Our Burlington lawn irrigation experts recommend feeding your lawn in the early and late spring, again in June, and then once more in the fall. Each feeding will require different nutrients depending on the needs of your lawn. Ask our Burlington lawn care experts for more details.

4. Clippings Can Help
Grass clippings contain a ton of important nutrients. Instead of bagging and tossing these in the trash, spread your clippings throughout your yard and share the love. These clippings will compost down over time when combined with regular Burlington lawn irrigation treatments.

5. Where the Weeds Are
August is prime time for broadleaf weed growth. Keep a close eye out for these pesky plants; the quicker you can identify and eradicate them, the easier it will be to prevent them in the future. Dig up individual plants with a trowel, or contact our Burlington lawn care department for more information on our Fiesta Weed Killer treatment.

6. The Best Burlington Lawn Irrigation
Your lawn will die without proper irrigation. Ensure that your turf is receiving enough moisture to stay healthy and happy through the use of a Burlington lawn irrigation system. Schedule your system to distribute roughly 3 centimetres of water each week during the early morning hours.

7. Even Lawns Need a Rest
If your lawn is looking a little brown, don't panic – it's probably just gone dormant. Lawns will “turn off” during periods of extreme heat and drought in order to conserve energy and nutrients. While you shouldn't apply any fertilizers at this time, you will need to turn on your Burlington lawn irrigation system. Apply at least 2 to 5 centimetres of water following a period of drought (3 to 6 weeks with little rain). Apply an additional 2 to 5 centimetres of water every 2 to 3 weeks thereafter until the drought breaks. While these water applications won't change the appearance of your lawn, they will help ensure that your turf's roots are well nourished.

Spend more time enjoying your lawn this summer. Follow these seven simple Burlington lawn irrigation and maintenance tips today. Contact our inground irrigation office today to learn more about our automatic sprinkler systems.