Spring Lawn Care Myths Exposed

Like most maintenance tasks, there are all sorts of myths that go around for the best way to take care of your lawn.  It's tough to sort through what's true in the archive of tips.  Nutri-Lawn is here to bust the myths, so that you get the most out of your Burlington sprinkler systems.

Myth: It Doesn't Matter When You Apply Fertilizer
If you apply fertilizer in a rainy period of spring, your fertilizer will go to waste.  This is because the fertilizer releases its nutrients over time, with small applications of water.  It can take days, or months for the nutrients to be completely released, so until that time the fertilizer sits on top of the soil and heavy rains can wash the fertilizer away. The best time to apply fertilizer is mid-May when only occasional rain and your Burlington sprinkler systems will be watering your lawn.

Myth: Overseed at the Beginning of Spring
The problem with overseeding at the start of spring is that you may lose seeds.  If there's still a cycle of freezing and thawing occurring due to unstable temperatures, the thawing may hinder germination. It's better to overseed when the temperatures have reached a stable level above 10 degrees Celsius to avoid damage.

Myth: Aeration Can Be Done in Early Spring with Overseeding
If the ground is even a little bit frozen, it's too early to aerate.  You need to be able to get deep enough into the soil to make aeration worthwhile, which is anywhere from 2 – 2.5 inches deep.  If you only get the top few centimeters, your aeration can't do its job.

When you aerate, make sure to also seed.  This ensures grass rather than weeds will fill in the patches that have been left bare from aerating.  This is definitely a myth that should be listened to.

Bagging Grass Clippings is Better
Actually, leaving grass clippings on your lawn is better for it than bagging the clippings. The myth is that leaving the clippings will create thatch, but the reality is that grass is 80 – 90% water.  This means that recycling that grass will release water and nutrients back into the soil, and into your lawn's roots.  The clippings possess many of the nutrients your grass needs to be strong, so relieve some stress of your Burlington sprinkler systems, and let those clippings go.  

Your Burlington Sprinkler Systems Need to Run Daily
This isn't true.  It's more important for your lawn to get deep watering to encourage deep roots, than for daily short watering.  You need around 1 – 1.5 inches of water a week to become lush and healthy.  If it's a particularly dry summer, you may want to use your Burlington sprinkler systems every 4-5 days but it won't need more than that. 

Water During a Drought
Letting your lawn enter dormancy during a drought is actually healthier than watering your lawn.  If you can't water your lawn 1 – 1.5 inches every 5 days, then just let it dry out to avoid encouraging your roots to grow near the soil.  When you water only a little and your roots rise to the top, the grass truly does dry out and it's harder to rescue.  When you let it enter dormancy, it will return to health with the first rain.

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