The Basics of Natural Lawn Care in Burlington

Make your lawn magnificent this summer with a little natural help from Nutri-Lawn Burlington. A healthy, harmonious lawn may seem out of reach now, given the recent pesticide ban in Ontario, but give the experts at Nutri-Lawn time to work their magic. Good planning, efficient irrigation, and a little green thumb action is all your yard needs to naturally look it's best.

The following are five basic tips that every Burlington resident can follow in order to cultivate a lush and luxurious lawn this season.

  1. Get Balanced
    How often do you fertilize your lawn? What type of fertilizer do you use, and just how much do you apply? Lawn fertilization is a science that takes time to perfect, and is an experiment best left to the lawn care and  residential sprinkler system specialists at Nutri-Lawn. Our highly knowledgeable team of lawn care experts take every precaution when fertilizing your property. Our techs know which nutrients are required by your lawn, and how much should be included in your fertilization treatment.
  2. Get Wet With a Residential Sprinkler System
    Water is vital to your lawn. Too much of it, and your yard will be prone to diseases. Too little, and your grass will wither away. In order to ensure your lawn is receiving the right amount of moisture, consider installing a residential sprinkler system from Nutri-Lawn. An inground sprinkler system from Nutri-Lawn can be set to automatically provide your lawn with the moisture it needs to stay healthy.
  3. Stay in the Shade
    Did you know that grass grows best on well-drained soil and if it's partially shaded? If you're having difficulty keeping a certain area of your lawn green, the experts at Nutri-Lawn recommend amping up your landscaping with some additional trees or shrubbery. The shade from these plants will help provide an extra layer of sun protection in areas of your yard that receive direct sunlight.
  4. Manage Your Mowing With Ease
    Raising the blade on your lawn mower can have a major impact on the health of your lawn. The lawn care and residential sprinkler system installers at Nutri-Lawn Burlington always advise clients to cut their lawn at a height of 6 1/4 to 7 1/2 centimetres (2 ½ to to 3 inches). This small lift will help encourage the development of deeper grass roots, resulting in a thick and hearty lawn. Thicker lawns have less room for invasive weeds, so what are you waiting for? Another quick tip from our lawn care and inground sprinkler system squad: leave your grass clippings after mowing. Grass clippings are rich in nitrogen, a nutrient that your lawn craves.
  5. Get Some Air with Core Aeration
    Core aeration is an important part of any lawn care regiment. Aeration can be performed in the spring or fall Aeration is the single best thing you can do for your lawn as it relieves compacted soil and helps break up thatch. This, in turn, helps your lawn develop a better root system improving the condition of both the lawn you can see, and more importantly, the areas beneath the surface that are more difficult to assess. The holes created by aeration will allow nutrients, air (oxygen), and moisture from your residential sprinkler system to get to the root system faster. For an extra kick of nutrients, the lawn care and inground sprinkler system specialists at Nutri-Lawn recommend applying a top dressing rich in organic matter immediately following your aeration treatment. Your lawn will love it!

Still not loving your lawn in it's new natural state? Then give the experts at Nutri-Lawn Burlington a call. Our team of trained professionals can help maintain even the most unruly of properties. Contact a Nutri-Lawn  representative today to schedule your free lawn care and inground sprinkler system consultation.