The Benefits of Corn Gluten Meal

Since herbicides have been banned in Ontario, citizens are constantly coming up with new ways to combat weeds.  Enter corn gluten meal – an all-natural herbicide.

What is Corn Gluten Meal?
Corn gluten meal is an herbicide that stops weeds before they start.  It’s a natural source of nitrogen, which prevents weed seeds from germinating.  However, since it is non-toxic, it won’t do any damage to your lawn or soil.  It’s the ideal companion for your Burlington sprinkler systems.

Appearance and Use
Corn gluten meal is yellow in appearance and can come in either powdered or pellet form.  Pellets tend to be easier when it comes to lawn use, and corn gluten meal will work on your lawn for around six weeks.  Best of all, the pellets will not cake when you run your Burlington sprinkler systems.

Corn gluten meal is best to treat crabgrass and dandelions.  It also reduces the germination rate for curly dock, knotweed, lambs quarters, pigweed, and plantain.  Corn gluten meal is multi-functional and can be applied to your flowerbeds, bulb beds, and veggie gardens, in addition to your lawn.

When Should You Use Corn Gluten Meal?
Applying corn gluten meal three times annually is optimal for your lawn.  A spring application controls weed germination.  Applying it in the fall works to prevent weeds from laying roots before winter.  And of course, a maintenance application never hurt anyone. 

When applying corn gluten meal in the spring, do so after the snow has melted, usually from mid-April to mid-May.  Your summer application should occur in mid-late June before your lawn goes dormant in the summer.  When it comes to using your Burlington sprinkler systems in the summer, you have two options: 

  • You can up the ante with the watering a bit to prevent the lawn from going dormant
  • Don’t adjust your watering practices, and let your lawn go dormant.  This will prevent the germination of any recent weed seeds.

Ask your Burlington sprinkler systems expert about which option is best for you and your lawn.

You have a wide berth for the timing of your third corn gluten meal application.  If you do not need to do any late season over-seeding, you can apply your third treatment as early as late August.  However, if you need to over-seed, give your new grass seedlings some time to set up their roots, then mid-September to late October is ideal. 

How Will Corn Gluten Meal Work with my Burlington Sprinkler Systems?
One of the best methods for establishing a green grass and warding off weeds is irrigation.  By watering your grass deeply and consistently, it can help your grass roots establish stronger, deeper roots, leaving weeds without any room to invade!

However, when it comes to weeds, you can never be too careful; it’s always good to have backup.  Whether your lawn is still prone to weeds or whether you want to take extra precautions, treating your lawn with corn gluten meal is the perfect complement to your irrigation system. 

Your lawn can’t flourish without proper hydration.  Take the hassle out of making it a habit by installing our Burlington irrigation systems.  Our systems can sense when your grass needs watering and will auto-adjust their output based on the moisture levels of the soil.  Contact Nutri-Lawn Inground Sprinkler Systems for more information.